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DayZ Chinese Security

PsychoSyd June 12, 2012 DayZ, Gaming, Videos Comments

We’ve been playing DayZ as a group for quite a while now. We finally got to the point, where we realized we wanted to settle down a bit. Due to the fact that buildings are a magnet for zombies and survivors alike, we decided to set up a make-shift tent camp on a remote part of the map.

There are 10 of us in our group, and luckily we live in different time zones. Initially we had mapped out a security detail time chart, nickname PROJECT OVERWATCH. Over the course of the first few days, we had a number of “visitors”. Luckily, always having 2 officers on duty prevented any major losses, and were were able to quickly dispose of our unwanted guests. It worked fine initially, but waking up at 4 am for my shift got a bit tedious after awhile.

Of course, even after taking care of visitors, means that you need to pack up everything and either move it to a new location on that map, or simply take everything to a different server. It’s a tedious chore, but well worth it. There’s a reason why our tent city has been in existence for over 3 weeks…cheap labor.

We were able to find two Chinese ‘security guards’ AKA Chinese Farmers to watch over our camp. This is a video clip that they sent us showing their appreciation!

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