Friday 27th April 2018,
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A message to one of our fellow Day Z players

A message to one of our fellow Day Z players

PsychoSyd- No, I’m not!

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  • EmperorSausage

    Oi oi! What’s going on here then?

    • Yesterday Jeremiah ran into a zombie (or a group of them) like two or three times (and died instantly or afte some time), utterly destroying our plans for playing in a group of three (Vaughan, Jeremiah and myself)…

  • But what’s the point of playing a zombie game if you can’t kill zombies?! ARGHHHHHHHH!

  • Playing Day Z in it’s present configuration definitely requires both a certain level of patience and persistence, neither of which I have an abundance of. After waiting upwards of 30 minutes to get onto a server at times, my gut reaction is to ‘make up for lost time’ by perhaps taking a risky but faster route to hook up with team mates, or ‘make those zombies pay for having me wait’ by killing them. I have always enjoyed multiplayer games, the quintessence of that being co-op. Regretfully the only time I actually managed to run into anyone else from XP4T in this game, I was shot repeatedly in the head.

  • Those login/loading issues are the biggest pain in the back I’ve ever seen. It’s been a bit better since the main server was restarted on Wednesday afternoon (our time). I am not able to join most of the servers I am trying to connect to.

    From my experience, the best servers (in terms of how often I am in on 1st attempt) are: US1, US5, Seattle 13, Canada 2. Sadly, European servers work much worse than American ones, or Canadian. It is obviously weird, since we are located in EU and we would expect the service to be better on EU servers rather than on US ones, but in the end – I am happy to be playing ANY server. Even those in Kiwi’s homeland.

    As far as my Day Z adventures are concerned, I am now approaching Vybor from south-east, hoping to plunder the supermarket in that town and move back south in my search for better weaponry and perhaps a ghillie suit. I have a M1014 ( now, using both red and green peleets, but it’s a short-to-mid range weapon, not one I could use to take out enemies from afar. I also have a map, hatchet, knife, matches and binoculars. I just hopie I don’t make a stupid move and don’t play Rambo like Jeremiah uses to 🙂

  • Vaughan Brown (KillaKiwi)

    Lol, really dude? Who needs enemies with friends like that?

    Spawning on different ends of the island makes it almost impossible to meet up without dying unless you are super careful. Zombies are easy, you just have to be patient and crawl into and out of towns. Having the patience is another thing. Other survivors…? Hardly ever see them to be honest.

    The long waits and the maybe nature of the servers are the games biggest let down. Ha, weird when you try for half an hour and i come along and get straight in, first try, same server. We must remember its an alpha build atm, but once the servers are sorted out it will be ALOT better.

    I usually try for about 20mins and if I dont get in I play something else for a while and come back.

    Its totally random.

    My longest ‘lifetime’ ended yesterday in a barn. I found an enfield and was over run by zombies with little ammo and couldnt get back to my shotgun, god dam it man. if only i could have found an animal to eat to replenish my blood loss.

    I had everything, maps, compass etc. Godamn zombies!!!!!!!!

  • Vaughan Brown (KillaKiwi)

    Ha, Im back in near by Staroye, got quite a few items… lets meet up.

  • I’m inside a building at the northern airport. Got ALICE pack, compass, map, watch, knife, hatchet, matches… everything you’d need. Ane heaps of food and drinks. Plus some ammo for my M1014 and M1911.

    I won’t play again until Saturday evening, though, I think…

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