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Interview with the Devs: Dead Synchronicity – Tomorrow Comes Today


Dead Synchronicity is an upcoming 2D open-world point-and-click adventure that was successfully funded via Kickstarter, and features a blood-stained story set in a dystopian world full of space-time distortions. It – Wait, what? An open-world, point-and-click-adventure? That’s… that sounds incredible. Let’s ask the developers about it. Quick, to the Interviewmobile!

XP4T: So, hi guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Before we get to the most pressing question, would you mind telling us a bit more about the history of your studio and how it came to be?

Luis Oliván: Hi, and thank you so much for letting us share the details of our game with your readers. At Fictiorama, we are four people… and three of us are brothers! So you could say our studio is a truly family company! The three of us grew up enjoying story-driven games; first text adventures, and later, point-and-click adventure games. We were fascinated by them and, even being just teenagers, we knew we wanted to make our own adventure games, sooner or later. It’s true that it’s been decades… but when Alberto, the writer, told Mario and me (I’m Luis) about the story of Dead Synchronicity… we were so amazed that we knew the time had come.

XP4T: …and here you are! Now, we always like to get to know the people on a project a bit more, so could you tell us a bit more about yourselves, please! (I also noticed on your Kickstarter page that it says Mario is a cat whisperer – what’s that awesomeness about?)

LO: Mario Oliván is our programmer at Fictiorama. The “cat whisperer” thing is a joke about horse whisperers (you know, those special horse trainers) and the photograph on our Kickstarter page, in which Mario looks like he’s talking about coding with a golden Japanese cat (maneki-neko they’re called). The other thing is that I own a cat called Misha, whose fierce character led to us naming one of the game’s characters after her, and Misha is incredibly well-collected with Mario. So maybe he really is a cat whisperer!

Alberto Oliván is the writer and music composer. Both Alberto and Mario belong to a rock band called Kovalski, and they performed the soundtrack for Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today — fantastic work.

Martín Martínez is the main artist (there has been some extra collaborators in the artistic area). He’d  already worked on some other video games before enrolling in the Fictiorama crew.

Finally, I’m Luis Oliván, PR manager and producer.

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