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Interview with the devs: Thimbleweed Park

Interview with the devs: Thimbleweed Park

XP4T: You’re sure gonna have a lot of experienced gamers waiting to play Thimbleweed Park, but do you think that the retro look and feel will be able to entice younger gamers?

Ron: Yes and no. For some it will, just because (hopefully) it’s a good game and fun to play. Others will be turned off by it, but that’s OK. It’s not going to be for everyone, which is one of the reasons we went to Kickstarter and appealed to fans for funding, rather than a publisher that was going to focus test and market research everything.

pixel dudes

Guess who…

Gary: We also feel there’s a certain charm to the graphics – it’s like playing with a set of colorful animated icons. This makes the game very easy and accessible, especially to a younger audience. You can easily recognize everything in the world and let your imagination do the rest.

XP4T: What are you playing now?

Ron: Just started playing World of Warcraft again. Kind of embarrassing, I know. Also just started Daedalic’s Memoria.

Gary: Actually I’m kinda addicted to the casual game Word Zapper. I’ve also started playing Blood & Glory again.

XP4T: What’s your least favourite type of game, and why?

Ron: I don’t like FPSes, mostly because they make me motion sick!

XP4T: Were you really going to microwave a digital hamster if you didn’t get backed on Kickstarter?

Ron: We got funded, so the hamster is probably safe. Probably!

Gary: Yeah, but we may have to think of some other things to microwave…

Thank you very much Ron & Gary! 

Check out the Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter page and show these guys some love!

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