Halo 4: Launch Trailer (Scanned) Master Chief’s mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief’s weaknesses, finds the source of his strength. Halo 4 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360 console. Whereas previous Halo games were developed by Bungie, Halo 4 is being  developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios. Halo 4 is the first installment in a new trilogy of Halo series games, named the “Reclaimer Trilogy”. The game begins 4 years after the ending of Halo 3, and marks the return of the Master Chief as the main protagonist, and the AI Cortana. Developer:  343 Industries Publisher:Microsoft Studios Composer:Neil Davidge Platform: Xbox 360 Release date:  November 6, 2012 Genre: First-person shooter Mode: Single-player, multiplayer,cooperative [...]