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Zombie Hunting

Check out this great new video from Tomy AKA Spartacus from his recent gameplay in Day Z.

My name is Spartacus.
I played as lone wolf. I died many times from hands of the others as a result of their cheating and pseudo-friendly survival. I don’t trust anyone! If you aim at me I WILL shoot you!

I have meet a reliable survivor player only once. His name was Chris. This was my one of the luckiest days at the Balota airfield. He gave me a lot Stanag magz. to my M4A1 CCO and to thank him, I saved his live from some bandit who wanted to kill Chris.
Chris! – take care man in DayZ mod 🙂

But this is now past!

Now You see office depot in Vybor (South-West position from NW Airfield in Chernarus).
My character has been alive for 7 days now. This was my best place to get useful items and get a lot of zombie kills. I am waiting for an arrival of two of my mates I play in coperation with. As you can see in this movie, I observe my immediate area carefully and try to stay away from other players who can spawn behind my back.

As you can also see, the Winchester shotgun is a very useful weapon for zombie elimination (nothing more). When my friend come for me later today, we will set ourselves a new objective in our co-operative plan and Oscar-Mike to another city.

Update — one day later.
Now I in deep of shit! We came to a military camp near Stary Sobor and my friend was shot after we attacked one of two scavenging survivors (they cooperated – one took cover with his AK47, and the other one started sweeping thorugh the military tents in the camp down the hill). I got shot and started bleeding out. I now have one blood bag and my friends should come to my position tonight to give me a blood transfusion.

You can visit Tomy’s youtube channel here for more ARMA II and Day Z goodness!

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  • killakiwi

    Damn, man that s awesome…makes me want to play it more, but the servers suck….

  • We have been playing on US5 servers for the last three days and it’s perfect there. The game loads quickly, you wait maybe 2 minutes and you’re in. Try it.

  • Glad that you guys survived, and were able to rescue Tomy! Looking forward to the next vid!

  • A new vid should be ready tonight or tomorrow, depending on if Tomy has enough time to edit the video footage from Wednesday evening. We (Sabat and me) helped Tomy, gave him a transfusion and then we trekked to Vybor, to grab some gear in the office building and a store there (they are located right next to each other). We saved our positions in that office building and will be going south, back to Chernogorsk, to find maps, compasses and – hopefully – ammo to our shiny M4A1’s with Holo and suppression 🙂

  • Where’s the video boys?

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