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10 Fastballs: R6- Gifu Captain Interview

10 Fastballs: R6- Gifu Captain Interview

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege finals are played in Katowice Poland this weekend on 20-21 of May. We were able to poke the Gifu captain Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen in the midst of preparations, and throw some fast ones with him.

XP4T: For starters to warm up, how are you and how is the team?

Willkey: I am just great. Keeping very busy. These few weeks before the finals are always a fine balancing act between work, the game and family. The atmosphere in the team is good and we are confident that this is our season to take the prize home with us.   

XP4T: Gifu has participated in the LANs ever since the first one. Can there be anything else than the championship?

Willkey: Not a chance. It has been made perfectly clear that only thing we settle is the championship.

XP4T: For the past year, there have been some changes in the lineup. It seems however that the spirit is very good and the team has come together really well during the season. What is your take on this?

Willkey: There is only myself and Bounssi from the original lineup left. We have tried to make changes in a way that they are very thoroughly considered and conducted in a careful manner. It feels now that we have a very good balance between tactical and impulsive player types. Furthermore, any member of the team can step up and clutch 1 vs x if needed.


XP4T: The Pro Scene seems to be very friendly and there´s a lot of positive interaction between players from different teams. What do you make of this?

Willkey: Scene is very young and it is everybody´s mutual interest to grow up the game and the scene. Everybody has a joint goal on this one.

XP4T: How do you prepare yourself and the team before the finals?

Willkey: We train new tactics and look for other teams VODs and try to pick up their core playstyles there. We don´t design counter-tactics because everybody has new tactics for the finals.

XP4T: There is some talk about teams that are more tactical and teams that rely more on impulse and gunplay. How does Gifu fall in the categorization?

Willkey: We used to be a very tactic orientated team before but the current lineup gives us the chance for more impulsive play. This effectively means that we can build on that tactical framework but we are not bound by them that much if the situation needs more fluid play.

XP4T: Is there a distinctive difference in the play styles and perhaps the whole scene when comparing EU, NA and SA?

Willkey: There used to be a lot of difference between the individual scenes but nowadays EU and NA are really similar to each other.  SA teams seem to be relying more on impulse and gunplay and less on tactics. We will see which pays off the next weekend.

XP4T: If you could steal a player or characteristic from some other team. Who or what would that be?

Willkey: I am really pleased with out current lineup and we don´t need anything from elsewhere. Also, we want to keep our lineup all Finnish.

XP4T: You used to be a Pro World Of Tanks player. Do you still Roll Out?

Willkey: Last time I started WoT was in January 2015 so maybe not so much Rolling Out anymore. Going to go drive some Leopards in august for my military recall training thought :-)

XP4T: Any message for all the Gifu fans before the finals?

Willkey:  I want to thank all the fans and we are trying to bring the trophy to Finland.


Watch Gifu and the other teams fight for the championship 20-21 of May on the official Pro League twitch channel here.

Gifu on Facebook and Twitter.


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