Tuesday 05th July 2022,
XP4T Brave.Bold.Banter.


XP4T is a gaming blog created by a group of like minded individuals that are united in their  love of games.   The majority of our authors actively work in the games industry.

You know that age old idiom, ‘those who can, do; those who can’t teach.’? Well that’s our feeling when it comes to a lot of game publications.

The media’s perspective of game design and production has become so jaded, and it’s a rarity that you find a critic that actually understands the inner workings of the industry, and the amount of passion (and time!) that goes into making a game.

Of course that’s the “Official” statement..here’s a few more possibilities:

XP4T is…

A.  …an experienced multi-man ultimate gaming team.

B. …a collection of ex-pats in body or soul from all over the world – united by their passion for gaming.

C. …the formula that appeared in a dream to Psychosyd one night, and is the key to saving the universe!


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