Tuesday 05th July 2022,
XP4T Brave.Bold.Banter.

Legal Sh*t

All editorial content, including blogs, comments, and forums written by our community, are protected by a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing requiring attribution. XP4T is an independently run group run by die-hard gaming geeks, so don’t mess with us. Did we use a picture that we shouldn’t have? Did we say something nasty that you don’t like?  Tough titties.  Are you gonna be a pussy about it, and are you thinking about suing? Well, that’s a different story then!  The last Thursday of every month is reserved for ‘legal disputes’.  Basically you get to challenge us, to a game of our choice.  If we win, the article remains intact, if you win, we gracefully remove it. No lawyers. No Bullshit.  You even get to virtually tea bag us if we lose.

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