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BF3 Gun Master

The Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3 introduces a new game mode: Gun Master. Various renditions of this mode have been seen in numerous games, whereas it is usually referred to as the ‘Gun Game’.  The original ‘Gun Game’ was supposedly a mod created for Counter Strike. This mode has been extremely popular over the years, and has been seen in a number of games (at least in unofficial capacities) including Day of Defeat, Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare, and Killing Floor, just to name a few.

Yagaoor and PsychoSyd from XP4T WOLFPACK check out DICE‘s rendition of this tried and tested game mode  on one of the newer maps called ‘Scrapyard’ in the video above.

Gun Master Mode Explained:

  • All players are only allowed to use a single weapon at a time
  • Each player starts off  with a pistol and has to get kills in order to advance to the next level
  • When a new level is reached, a new gun is equipped
  • Dying does not cause you to lose your progress (Unlike with the standard Gun Game)
  • Ammo is unlimited, but guns must be reloaded as usual
  • Specializations are not available in the Gun Master mode
  • Weapon attachments are set by the game mode and cannot be changed
  • You’re equipped with a knife at all times, but getting a kill will only advance your own rank if you’re on the final level
  • Killing a player with the knife instead of your main weapon with demote them to the previous level
  • Levels 1-15 require two kills each
  • Levels 16 and 17 (the M320 LVG and Knife) require one kill each
  • This is a team-based mode; players are split between two sides. All teammates of the winning player are also credited with a victory
  • You can earn points toward your next level, weapon unlocks, assignments, and ribbons/medals in the Gun Master mode. However, no points toward classes are given as you’re not allowed to select a class
  • Weapon progression is as follows: 3 pistols -> 2 PDW’s -> 2 shotguns -> 2 carbines -> 2 assault rifles -> 2 LMG’s -> 2 sniper rifles -> grenade launcher -> knife
  • All in all, there are 17 levels, the first player  to complete the 17th level wins, ending the round

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