Tuesday 30th November 2021,
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Bow down to your… Glorious Leader!


Have you ever played arcade classic Contra and felt like it needed more Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK ? Well you’re in for a treat because right now on Kickstarter, Moneyhorse is looking to raise $55,000 for just such a game.

Take up arms in defense of the worlds greatest nation in Glorious Leader!, a stunning marvel of cutting-edge 16-bit graphics and sound that chronicles the incredible but true tale of the defeat of the entire imperialist army at the hands of the North Korean Rambo himself, Kim Jong Un.

Recently Greenlit by Steam users, Glorious Leader! is very much a satirical run ‘n’ gun. Take up the mantle of Kim Jong Un as you battle the entire American Army. Over seven levels set in real North Korean locations, you’ll ride Unicorns through Unicorn Forest, meet up with that cunning master of diplomacy/green-haired lunatic Dennis Rodman on a basketball court, and tell Sony where they can stick The Interview. Finally, we’re told, you’ll get to face off against your greatest enemy: Barack ‘King of Nigeria’ Obama.

Silly and infantile though it may be, it definitely looks like fun. Could this old-skool shooter be 2015’s answer to the hugely addictive Broforce?


This is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, people… Fuck yeah!

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