Thursday 11th August 2022,
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CAN’T F*CKIN’ WAIT: Camelot Unchained

Camelot Unchained  is an upcoming subscription-based, RvR-focused MMORPG being developed by City State Entertainment. (RvR is an acronym for Realm vs. Realm, which apparently is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts). Mark Jacobs the former designer of Dark Age of Camelot is currently involved in the production.

Camelot Unchained is considered to be a spiritual successor (something which Jacobs denies, although stating he could have legally done so had he chosen to) to Dark Age of Camelot and will prominently feature a PvP-centric design which Jacobs now calls “Tri-Realm” . As with Dark Age of Camelot, Camelot Unchained will borrow from Arthurian legend while adding new and original elements to it.

“Here, every true son & daughter perishes”

Enter the Depths

  • A place, which draws its inspiration more from horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Giger than J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • A place that is literally alive, not just with NPCs but is itself an NPC! A place literally infused with the Veil, hiding great secrets and lore of past civilizations.
  • A place where both crafters and warriors must work together to succeed.
  •  A place where players die and become the terrifying monsters that lay within it.

The Unchained Engine

Tech Director and lead programmer Andrew Meggs is spearheading the creation of our internal Unchained Engine. It’s sole purpose: to allow our players to fight epic RvR battles in a dynamic world, without the slideshows or limitations of many past games. Our objectives for this engine are:

  • Maintain an absolute minimum of 30 FPS in battles of up to 500 people
  • Efficiently prioritize network usage so there’s minimal lag on the things that matter
  • Allow extensive character customization so every player can have uniquely crafted items
  • Enable dynamic, changeable, and creative player-built structures


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