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COD: Black Ops II Impressions

OK, so I was a bit unsure whether I should even fork out the cash for this game.  It’s only fair that I get that out in the open right off the bat.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no COD hater, in fact I’ve played every single COD PC rendition since the dawn of time, but this time around (and last time, if truth be told) it was more of that obligatory “well, you’re a gamer, and you need to keep up with the newest games, so WHY NOT.”  Yeah, I think that most accurately sums up my purchasing whim….”why not”.

Also, please note, this is not a full length review, but more of a bare bones review.  I would view it more of a review for people with ADD (wait, can I even say that?)


The first thing that pissed me off about this game is the controls.  There are 3 different modes in CODBO2, Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombie Mode.  In this day and age, I have no idea why you need to re-fiddle with your controls for each of these modes.  OK, it only takes a few minutes, but I was like, seriously? It’s 2012, and the umpteenth rendition of this game, you’d think they’d make it somewhat more user friendly and learn from their mistakes over the years.


As much as Activision and co. would love to tell you about the plethora of choices and options you have in the game, when it comes to ACTUAL gameplay, they just funnel you down the predetermined path. Any deviation will result is inta-death.  I went left instead of going right, and BOOM, I was dead.

You are dead. You have compromised the mission. 

Having a clear lack of choice, and such linear gameplay leads quickly to a dull overall gaming experience.  As before, this is 2012, players are getting more and more accustomed to, nay demanding various story lines and options in a game.  There are about 20 AAA games out there that give you plenty of options of how to complete a mission.  With CODBO II, there is just one path to follow. If you get stuck, suck it. Do it over and over and over and over and over and over until you manage it, or lower the difficulty (i.e. cheat). to get through.

The whole game is so tightly scripted that in sequences where I could actually move, my ‘movement’ was so limited, it became pointless to even try. Being astute is a big part of being a gamer, and taking away the possibility to even look around for a possible aid or a hint, hinders the player…and sucks money balls.


Sure the game is ‘pretty’ I’ll give it that, and the amount of effort and care that was put into the animated sequences and MoCap sessions is impressive! The NPCs really come to life, not only in the cut sequences but in the actual game play


They spared no expenses with the cast of the game. They even got Oliver North to be in it, and play himself! I personally got a kick out of playing with Merle from The Walking Dead, though honestly this led me to innately distrust the character he was portraying.

The game itself though is way too gawdy, way over the top, and doesn’t deliver at the end of the day.  When I finally beat it after only 7 hours of gameplay, I was completely and utterly flabbergasted.  That was it? [WARNING:SPOILER!] He just ‘destroys the drones and sets himself on fire?’ It just felt like they were saying “Dudes, we gotta stop the story in it’s tracks here, it’s costing us too much money, so uh…wrap it up.”  And by wrapping it up, what is the moral of the story? No matter what you do, you won’t get the baddie on your own.  The baddie will just magically give up, and call off his drone army.  What a buzzkill.

The story is full of holes. [WARNING:SPOILER!] Yeah, so Blah Blah Baddie’s sweet little sister gets all burnt up and shit, and then WHAMO flashback into the past future, (not to be confused with the past past, or the future or the future future). He’s in his rancho villa or whatever looking at shit in a kid’s room and there she is lying a bed, his little sister.  Not 10 minutes ago when she had the accident, they were roughly the same age and height, and NOW he’s an adult, and she’s still a burned up little girl.  Do 3rd degree burns stunt your grown or something?!

Not only full of holes, but blatant, cookie cutter drama.

Oh, my god, HE did it?! HE was the one who betrayed us?!! Uh yeah doofus, that was clear from the get go, try a little bit harder next time.


You’d be hard pressed to list 10 major changed between Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Black Ops II. The graphics are only slightly better than previous titles. It’s almost as if there was a comletley different team working on multiplayer, and a different engine to boot.  Sure, they want the fans to be happy, and keep it somewhat similar to previous titles, with enough bells and whistles in the new one to keep them interested.

The game looks and feels very bubble gumy and arcadey.  There is no element of realism, but that comes down to taste. It is fast paced, and hectic, what this franchise is known for.  One of the new additions is the recording integration what in all honesty I haven’t looked into.  The thought is cool, but I instantly thought of  half a dozen other games that I would like to record instead of this one.

REVIEW: Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Been there done that, got the t-shirt.
The Campaign graphics are impressive, but the MP graphics are a diff. story.
Great music choices and great voice actors for the most part (you can get anybody if you throw enough money ’em)
Definitely a bunch of different game modes, but who cares?!
I wanna get my money’s worth, so yes, I am gonna try it again on hard…out of spite.
The umpteenth rendition of the game attempts to throw all the amazing game elements together, so a lot of desert but I’m missing the meat and potatoes.


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