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Console to PC Gamer

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Console to PC Gamer

After many years of tentatively creeping around the pool of pc gaming, (whilst maintaining my paddling pool existence on the console),  I recently took the plunge and dived head first into the deep end of building my first gaming pc.  This is how it happened.

My Childhood…

Why?  Lets face it. PC gaming is where it’s at.  As far as graphics, games and accessibility the PC world has always been the dominant medium for gaming. I dont want to play an inferior system anymore.

Consoles have always offered a cheap, easy to use interface gaming platform for all levels, at any age and in the last 10-15 years have allowed online gaming to become a large part of its attraction. The PC gamer on the other hand (apart from Grandma playing Solitaire) is generally more astute, have more time, and understand more how games work and how the performance of said PC can directly relate to their gaming experience.

Basically, consoles are for kids or ‘dudes‘ who like to game occasionally, PCs are for the serious gamer. Me.  I’m not here to start a target=”_blank”>flame war and I am not console bashing, but there really is no point in arguing. (BF3 developers have already stated “….the console version is the pc version played on its lowest settings…”) said.

My teenage years…

It is a well known fact, any great game is usually made for the PC market and then ‘dumbed’ down to be made playable for consoles. Suck it up….

So there I was… caught between my long time friend/lover, the PS3 and a hot new college aged neighbor with the best graphics and fasted SSD  the world has seen.  Should I or shouldn’t I? How could I not?

I had to have it. And I had to have it now and then. Unfortunately I took the long route and decided to build my own. That’s for another blog.

So here I am. A reformed console gamer enjoying the fruits of many hours labor.

My actual PC…

Gaming has never been so good. One of the biggest issues for me is using the keyboard and mouse for control as opposed to the trusty controller.  This is a time thing, and I find often while I’m looking for the correct key, I’m ruthlessly gunned down by more experienced PC gamers who know their keys. A minor set back in the grand scheme of things.

The support one gets through PC gaming is just, well……better.  Interacting with friends/team mate and that douche-bag who just took your tags was never this easy…the sheer scope of options that come with even the most basic PC can seem daunting when starting out, and that can be overcome many ways. Friends. Get some that know their stuff when it comes to PCs, use our other friend Mr Google. There are a million sites out there offering info on anything you may want to know (check out my list below).

Before this turns into a How-to, let me say here and now, gaming isn’t just something you do alone, in a darkened room(that’s the other activity), of course you can, however to get the most from your gaming, teaming up with some buddies is the only way to go. That goes for PC and console. (providing the voice chat works on console)

So far so good. No gamebreakers during my transformation from console legend to pc noob.

Kiwi’s Tips for Rebirth

  1. Research. Research. Research. This cannot be stressed enough. You are going to be spending a good size chunk of cash on your new gaming pc, so it pays to know what you are doing. I had no idea about pcs when I began my transition but I did read up on all aspects of compatibility of hardware, buying and ultimately, building your own system. Knowing what does what is an integral part of the process, so don’t waste those precious dollars and find out about what you need, what you don’t need, what you want and how much money you have to spend on it.
  2. Get some friends. Seriously. I’m sure you have plenty but knowing some people that know ‘something’ about pc building and gaming in general on the pc helps. Alot. Generally pc gamers are a rather fanatical lot, so giving them the chance to talk about their pc, what they did, how they did it and digging for tips isn’t too difficult. Do I want to talk about the system I spend alot of time and money on and is responsible for me never going out? Yes. Yes I do.
  3. Finally, try to enjoy the process. I know it can be daunting when you start out. Let me assure it is worth it. Just think, at the end of the process you will have the ‘preferred’ gaming medium of a true gamer. And that’s what it’s all about. You want the best gaming experience you can have and becoming a pc gamer is where you’ll find it.

So go on. Go and knock on your neighbors door. You know you want to.


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