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Day Z – Day 36 – A trip to Vybor

Check out this great new video from Tomy AKA Spartacus.

After I had managed not to engage in a direct confrontation with three other players working together near the northern airfield, I decided to turn back and move to our usual rally point – Vybor. I was hoping that the guys (Sabat and Alan) could reach the new objective safe and sound. Guys, I really needed you then! (some extra firepower would have been helpful)

I left the hostile grounds around the airfield and walked north. After some time, I stumbled upon a farm near Krasnystav and threw caution to the wind by looting it, stocking up on supplies I had used since the day before. I also got the chance to use my old reliable Winchester rifle and killed a few zeds just for target practice. Despite the odour of the barn and potential harm, my hunger lured me inside.  There they were – bean cans and ammo! I was quite sure they would come in handy. My daring was rewarded.

I considered trekking to Krasnostav.  Upon consideration, I decided I wouldn’t have made it inside the city on my own. There were too many hoppers and walkers lurking and I just couldn’t bail out on my friends. They hadn’t eaten anything other than sardines and beans for the last few days.  I even prepared some very tasty beef steaks for them. I wondered where Sabat, Vaughan and Alan were at that time. It was a lonely time.  It would have been  great to have you guys there at that time. I was still far from Vybor. And I still had to hunt for some more meat. Roasted beef is just way more tasty than canned beans…

I made it! I was finally able to reach my mates on the radio! Vaughan managed to obtain a ghillie suit and some handy gear that helped him survive a more few kilometers of ducking and diving. He’s still a bit fresh to the situation he’s facing but he is getting the feeling of it very nicely. We agreed that Vaughan would head north-west to meet up with Alan, who was waiting for him somewhere between Pusta and Mogilevka. I found a hunting knife, got myself a box of matches and a hatchet. I only had to wait for my squad mates to reach my position and we would be able to have ourselves a little BBQ. Complete with soda.  Enough with those canned beans!

I was closing in on my target location – Vybor – lucky and able to avoid the zeds and preserve my ammo. I was really dog eared, too. Thus, I lost my orientation for a few moments and ended up very dangerously close to the north-western airport as a result. And know this – the zeds are NOT the most dangerous enemy there. The other players are. Simply desperate or cold blooded and meticulous – it doesn’t really matter – the bottom line is they take the risk and come here to search for quality loot (some of the best weapons and gadgets are available here only!). I was fighting the idea that told me to try my luck and sneak into the airfield area, but the shrewd judgment won and I turned back to Vybor. “First things first”, as they say. My friends were by far more important than potential loot I could find at the airfield.

The safest route to Vybor was to approach it from the North, using trees and scattered structures as cover. My intuition kept telling me “don’t run, don’t run!”. By I can’t resists – my friends are almost there already. The situation I found myself it forced an alternative route, however. I found someone’s tent, but it was empty. And it could have been a deadly trap, too!

I was extremely proud of the team I was (and still am!) part of. Vaughn shows tremendous will of survival and the longer he lives, the more he wants to keep it like that.

I made it. Finally, I was inside of Vybor. Now, only to outmanoeuvre the zombies and reach the office building right next to a store full of food and drinks. I entered the city. Guys, I’m waiting for you!

You can visit Tomy’s youtube channel here for more ARMA II and Day Z goodness!

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