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Day Z – Day 35 – Another day in the North

Check out this great new video from Tomy AKA Spartacus.

I have managed to survive another day. After I entered a neighborhood near Solnichny, I decided not to head back south – it’s never safe around those two big cities. Bandits prey around Elektrozavodsk and me – alone – wouldn’t have a chance.

You can’t even trust friendlies these days. Yesterday, two – apparently lost – survivors wanted to steal my gear. But luckily,  I was faster.  Maybe if I had had a better weapon and NV goggles, I would have decided to switch to night-time operations and hunt for gear when the sun’s down. Unfortunately, I didnt have those two essential items.

Nizhnoye, Berezino – I hadn’t been to those towns yet, so I didn’t know what to expect. However, the trek to those places was well worth the effort. I now have lots of ammo, food and water and can now afford to venture deep into the Chernarussian territory. The infection made everyone leave in a hurry, only leaving with what they could carry on their backs. Those who didn’t escape the virus, now wander near where they used to live. I just needed to outmaneuver them and make it into the residential part of the town.

Inside the houses, I found a bazillion useful things. My bags were now full and even if I did find something I used to dream of having before I didn’t have any room. Thanks to the loot I found, I was well prepared for the next few days of my miserable life in these hostile and dark surroundings. I then moved north, heading towards the airfield. I ran across some open fields, always ready to react quickly if I needed to.  A hunter’s nest! I might find some ammo for a hunting rifle there. I quickly take care of some walkers around it and check out what’s stashed in the nest. Oh god, it’s so quiet here! I can hear only the birds singing. I wonder what Vaughan, Alan and Sabat are doing. I hope they stay alive. I will reach the northern airstrip quite soon…

You can visit Tomy’s youtube channel here for more ARMA II and Day Z goodness!

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