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Days of Dawn – 19 days to go

Days of Dawn – 19 days to go

As promised, we’re keeping in touch with the ambitious RPG-project “Days of Dawn” by Bumblebee which is currently campaigning on kickstarter.  There are still 19 days left to back this project and the developers kept busy during the last days bringing you updates and some stuff to look at – let’s take a look:

They’ve published some more details about the emotional magic system which we excitedly anticipate … apparently the emotional state of a character will influence their ability to cast spells and which ones. “The group is walking through creepy, dark ruins where monsters could jump at them any time? Most characters will feel fear. Maybe there is a character who likes places like this for the excitement? His joy instead might increase in the same situation.” Well, that should be interesting!

Furthermore, there’s apparently going to be an android version of the game as well as a cross-plattform savegame-ability – so if you’re playing outside, you don’t have to start the game again from the beginning back inside as long as you stay connected to the internet. “Sitting in the garden and it’s starting to rain? Jump inside and go on exploring the wonderful world of Kalea from your desktop or notebook computer on the big screen. Can’t stop playing but got to go? Enlighten your metro-ride by continuing your journey on your mobile device.” Okay, that’s kind of cool … (I`ll watch out for people actually doing this in the metro if when this project is going to happen.) But seriously, an Android version is surely something worth hoping for.daysofdawn-creature1

Here’s something exciting: How about being an NPC in the game? This is nothing really new with RPG-kickstarter-campaigns so far, but Bumblebee chose a slightly different approach to it: Usually you have to back a project with a lot of money (this option is normally found in the higher pledges), with “Days of Dawn” one backer will get chosen randomly regardless of how much they backed them with. If this is actually a good idea or simply an attempt to minimize the number of personalized NPCs remains to be seen – but at least there’s a chance to GET chosen, right?

And last but not least: Yes, there is going to be a beta-version access and backer above 69$ will have access to it! “We would be thrilled to have you, Days of Dawn’s closest friends, on our beta-team. For their support in testing the game and giving us their feedback, all beta-players will also be named in the games credits as beta-testers.”

Among the various update posts they released some more concept art and screenshots, so check it out!

As said, there are still 20 days to go and right now they’re nowhere near the 95.000$ they need – so if you want this game to happen (and you do, really!), check out their campaign and stay tuned for more updates!

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