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DayZ Diaries: Day 3

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DayZ Diaries: Day 3

So, after yesterday’s adventure wasn’t so much adventurous but kinda lame on my part I thought I give it another try today … doing some small stuff (weapon, vehicle, …), nothing too difficult, just one or two hours … wow, was I in for a surprise! Also: Someone on the server must have really pissed off the AI – and they were taking it out on me. Only. On. Me. I don’t really remember how many times I died but as I was doing it mostly in the same place I counted like 7 or 8 me-s when I logged off.

I am also gonna quit the location-naming for this one as I was basically moving between three places: Elekro, Balota and the adjacent airstrip.

So I spawned right where I left off yesterday (and I am gonna fast forward a bit here). Got spotted by zombies immediately, found a truck in quite bad condition, drove over about twenty of them and into a wall which resulted in the truck exploding and my untimely demise.day3_02

Next spawn: Elektro. WTF? Two choppers just standing next to each other. So, me bitching about not finding enough vehicles on the island … uhm … nevermind. Both were pretty messed up but I could probably salvage one to fix the other. (The fact that I not only suck at flying as revealed yesterday but also really hate it is completely besides the point here by the way … because … all the cool kids have choppers so I want one!). So: New mission. Finding salvaging and repairing equipment. A toolbox was found in a nearby shed. So far, so easy. Also: Zombies, who apparently weren’t too interested in helping me fixing the choppers as in eating my brains. What they did.

Spawned in Kamenka. Someone must have cleaned up the place since last night. Started the search-for-stuff-routine and eventually found some random crap. (Plus: Axe.) Made my way to Balota and found some engine parts and windshield glass on the way. Nice, as the toolbox was still in my body right next to the choppers. Searched the usual places for more stuff and found myself near the “airstrip” where I interrupted some zombies’ dinner. Axed a bunch of them and then found out that what they snacked on would be either a dead AI or a dead player. While I was searching him another zombie snuck up on me and had his own dinner. There was body number one.day3_04

Spawned really, really close and went to retrieve my body. Failed. Also the weather did start to get a bit funky, as it started to rain. There was some serious lightning and thunder going on, which didn’t really help the situation at all, as it seemed to make the AI go all crazy – and that’s not their usual crazy, that was some sort of mindless, killing spree-crazy! From this point on I had always at least one chopper circling above me and someone shooting at me.

So it went on quite a bit. Me spawning pretty close to my stuff, AI killing me, zombies chasing me (it also seemed that their numbers had increased as well – how weird!). The streets of Balota which I remember as quite unremarkable started to turn into a warzone – I saw AI sneak around corners aiming at me, like twenty or so zombies roaming the streets – really insane. One (AI) actually hid inside the warehouse at the beach and shot me right when I opened the door. Seriously? But I also happened to craft my very first item (a bandage! I am so very proud!) and eat my first “Unknown Can” out of pure desperation – nothing interesting happened though, which I was actually a bit disappointed about.

As mentioned I was getting a bit desperate as I seemed to be getting nowhere with my goal – not that playing hit-and-run (they hit, I ran) with the AI wasn’t fun, but, come on! Then: A car! And it is in perfect condition! Okay, it’s a pink SUV, but who cares! Oh my god, I have a vehicle! So I drove back into the warzone to get my body with my latest assortment of cool stuff, which was right on the street (and it wasn’t so much “cool” but it was “mine” – okay, I actually did have some nice items like a bunch of repairing materials, water bottles and bandage-crafting-stuff, as I could always take the clothes off my former bodies – I really don’t want to think about that too long though – it’s kinda sick.) The welcoming party had again increased in numbers – but now I can drive them over! YES, bitches! And so I did. Very thoroughly and with, as I have to admit, great pleasure.day3_03

On my way back to the road I spotted an AI lying on the street and aiming at me. So I drove him over – of course, what else. I parked really close to him to loot him (nothing too interesting) as I saw a shadow fall on me from a really low flying AI-chopper. I also heard an all too familiar groaning sound … ah, bite me, zombie, I have more important things to do now! Oh wait… I am not really sure how I actually managed to get back into my car, but somehow I made it. That was pretty damn too close… (I am also very sorry about that really lame joke, but it had to be done once.)

So, now that I rule the world with my pink SUV my next stop would naturally be my choppers (the next level of world domination of course) to hide my car and find out what equipment I forgot to get. As I was on my way back to Elektro I happened to drive by the airstrip. Wait, didn’t one of my bodies have a sniper rifle on it? I could always find ammunition for it, right? And did I actually retrieve the engine parts from there? I lost track … I will go take a look* … ah, someone is shooting at me. Hey, that’s my wheels you’re breaking here, morons! You gonna pay for that! Ah, nevermind …

And for some reason my fraps was turned off so I couldn’t capture the last part – too bad!

*That would be an example for the “did something stupid” from yesterdays footnote by the way.

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