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DayZ Diaries: Day 2

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DayZ Diaries: Day 2

Well, due to some ghosts-in-the-machine-issues I actually had to wait a week to play again. But I am still on a mission: To rid the island of Chernarus from the bitch AI. And so my journey continues …

… actually, it starts from the beginning as I was killed last time. Whatever.

Spawned somewhere in the middle of nowhere and ran towards some buildings. Right in the first one I found a hatchett and some stuff. Terrific beginning. Axed a bold zombie that was thinking (or whatever these guys do) it could mess with me. He really had it coming.. Outside his friends awaited me. Killed them, too. I seem to be getting good with the axe. (Something at least.) But somehow I seemed to have managed to wake up the horde, as more and more of these guys were following me… Well, I killed fourteen of them before they finally got me. (yeah, I know that the screenshot says 6 – it was was the coooooler one!)day2_01

Spawned near Chernogorsk. Oh, look, there’s a bike on the road. How convinient. Oh, hey, zombie! This is your bike? Sorry, I didn’t mean to … uhm … break it by driving all over you. Hey, stop biting me, look, you can have it back!

Spawned … as a zombie. That really sucks on an more or less unpopulated server as it takes forever to get killed. So I ran around gnarling at the wind and having some zombie-me-time. Finally found a person (AI) who was kind enough to shoot me.

Spawned near Cherno again. Found nothing. And I mean NOTHING at all there. Combed thoroughly through a construction side building which has always some stuff. It didn’t. Oh, yeah, it had AI – of course. Just my luck. Ran away from them, just to end up at the beach again. A group of survivors (or so it seemed) was hanging out there, completely ignoring me. Hmm, players? They were shooting at the zombies. I ran in pack with them for a while, then left to check out a building (nothing in it). Was shot when I stuck my head out again. Ah. Thank you. The AI seems to be getting smarter – allowing me to walk with them and then shooting me. Nice one!day2_04

[plot hole]*

All over sudden I found myself on an airfield at night. I heard voices telling me to get a map and into the plane. Uhm…  I am not too comfortable with that, but okay? There were other people there too. Kinda creepy as no one spoke. The plane took off and – who’d have thought – experienced “technical difficulties” right over Grishino, so we were told to eject. Oh, look, I got a parachute! I saw some lights in the distance so I headed that way, only to see the plane crash right in front of me. Uhm … When I reached the place where the light came from  there was some guy telling me to get into a vehicle and head towards some map coords (seriously, I didn’t memorize them)  as there was objective #1. The coords indicated a location somewhere near Kamenka. Allright, Kamenka is at the southern beach, I am kinda in the middle of the island – so, uhm, where is south? Crap. So I’d do my usual thing: Get to the nearest location with a name and take it from there. Uhm … trees. Lots and lots of trees. Wasn’t the moon kinda south of the beach when I last saw it? So I drove vaguely to what I believed was the southern beach. More trees. I seem to be lost. Damn. Oh, look, there, a bridge! A sign of civilization! (Or whatever). Oh, someone is shooting at me! Also, as it turns out, I was driving not even remotely south…day2_03

[plot hole]

Near Kamenka: Another one of these creepy locations with that guy. If I only had a weapon… oh, look, there’s one in the shed…! Ah, anyway, I’ll do what the voices tell me to do: Get in a vehicle and head east. As I was driving down the road into Kamenka, a bunch of wrecked cars blocked the way and I found myself in some sort of warzone. There were zombies everywhere and the whole place looked even worse than usual. I was suddenly convinced that I took the wrong turn somewhere (not that I remember taking any turns…) or that this was some sort of trap. So I moved on on foot, running for my life though the hordes, knowing, that I would never make it to objective #2 in time without a vehicle. I actually found a gyrocopter next the road, but couldn’t figure out how to fly it. (Did I mention that the only thing I suck worse at than driving is flying? Geeez!). As the objective #3 was all the way up to the north I decided to take a walk there as I will be hours late anyway… admire the sceneery… the starry sky… enjoy the peace and quiet… I also had the feeling that I didn’t actually want to be there as there was surely some violence going on over some loot…day2_02

So, long story short: AI shot me on the way, I spawned near Solnichny and will take it from there next time.

Also, I died a lot more this time than I wrote about. It basically went down like this: Spawned. Got bitten / did something stupid / was shot by AI. Died. Not too interesting.

*That’s when the server event started and I was being teleported around so the story gets a bit inconsisntent here.

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