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DayZ Diaries: Day 4

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DayZ Diaries: Day 4

This is actually going to cover a few days with very short jumps into the game – not worth a separate article on each of them. But we will have some player interaction … and a lot of peaks and valleys – so to speak. Also, as I am actually progressing in getting a grasp on the game (which was the whole point of the exercise) I will not focus so much on every piece of random crap I pick up but more on other things – like player interaction. Because I apparently don’t have the whole island to myself anymore. Also, the AI seriously starts to annoy me. Crazy bitches!

Anyway, here we go:day4_05

Spawned near Elektro. Choppers still there. Good. Walked around a bit to find stuff. Found a crappy bike. Drove east into Cherno. Encountered a whole lot of Zombies. Also a player message asking who that chick on the bike was. Reluctantly identified myself, only to find some guy sitting behind me on that bike a second later. Drove him the 20 or so meters to the beach where the horde couldn’t follow. The bike was broken so that guy took off. Promised to reward me later on. Hmm. Sure. Wonder what I’ll get if I actually do something meaningful. Salvaged the bike, carefully watched by ten or so zombies who still refused to help.

Continued to explore Cherno. Entered the store, found a sidearm and some stuff (map, compass, binoculars, toolbox, the whole package – nice!). Saw a guy outside, threw myself to the floor and aimed really carefully at his face. He didn’t seem all too impressed. Maybe because he brought some friends. The AI is really getting crafty – as they actually started to besiege me. Also: Zombie found my hiding place. Damn. Crawled into the back room. Was shot. Crap.

Also: Server restart in 30 minutes. Meaning: My body with my stuff would be gone afterwards. Noooo! Long story short: Did try to get in three times, was killed two times by the AI, entered the store 2 minutes before the shutdown, picked up a crossbow that I seemed to have missed before and speed-clicked my stuff into my inventory 15 seconds before the shutdown. Logged back in – didn’t get everything but most of it – YES!day4_04

Next day: I seem to have forgotten that I not only have a crossbow and a ton of other stuff, but also NO food. Also, after the update the friendly part of the HUD that tells me exactly how screwed I am is gone so I have to guess (approx. 25% bloodcount, food dark orange). So, off we go to find food. Wow, that crossbow is awesome! It is not only quiet, but it kills a zombie at close range with one not very well aimed arrow in the chest. Someone should teach the game that crossbows fire bolts though, not arrows… (yeah, shut up.)  Made it all the way to Elektro, found arrow-crafting stuff, was killed before I could put it to use. Right. Retrieval time. Spawned near Solnichny. Yeah, thanks, game. Also. I am male. Why am I male? That sucks. Started to walk… Found a boat at the shore. While I was trying to figure out how to move it into the water, some guy approached it. Hmm, player. He didn’t know either so I took off and left him with the boat. Long story short: Socialized a bit with the other players on the way and found out that using a gender-neutral name results in people automatically calling me “dude”. Made me laugh. Don’t know why. When I finally made it to my body and found it, it was guarded by ten or so zombies, one of them ate me eventually…day4_02

Then: Admin announced a premature server restart, as it was lagging. Meaning: my stuff will be gone unless I made it back to it within five minutes. From Komarovo. No way. My comment on that went unheard though. Yeah… *

Okay, so after I left kinda annoyed yesterday I went back to create a nice(r) ending for this chapter. Spawned near the airstrip and went to search it. While I was picking up a hatchet in one of the hangars I heard honking outside. Oh look, Syd is here – and he brought some zombies! (It actually occurred to me that this could be a trap as we had player-killing players here yesterday, but anyway …) While driving around a bit we picked up another player who wanted to get back to the airstrip. After he refused to pay the cab fee I heard some AI shoot him and saw the death message a bit later. Syd drove me to Berezino, were we (well, he) killed some AI and took their weapons. Then I was on my own again. Not for long though, as a bunch of zombies were taking in interest in my car. Drove them over, then heard shots – a lot of them – and then died. (See, right here, this is why I don’t want people to give me stuff as I always break it.)

Another server restart later I was female again (thank goodness!). Also someone must have read my mind and made the hatchet part of the starting equipment. Yay! I was plundering a store right in the middle of nowhere when one of the regulars on the server asked me if I was “hatchet girl”. That’s so … awwww! Because, you know, I work best with an audience! I was taking a shortcut to the north through the mountains as I really didn’t want to see the southern coastline anymore – and also: I can do that now as I somewhat memorized the map in the meantime – well, the coasts anyway. Ha! A lot quieter there, too! Nice view and everything. Not really sure what to do next I decided to explore the eastern coast a bit more. Maybe find a nice place for a base somewhere? Made it to Solnichny, found a whole lot of stuff and an angry AI. Also I was lagging like hell, so he shot me as I couldn’t evade him quick enough. (accompanied by an ”oooohhh!” from the audience – yeah, that’s cute!). Crap!

Spawned in Elektro. Oh, it’s crazy AI-time again. Nice. Axed a bunch of them, then got hit by a multitude of shots while hiding in a corner. Someone pissed them off I guess. Spawned again, got shot again (in the middle of nowhere? WTF?), spawned again and found out that the axe is somewhat broken as it made weird clicking sounds as if it was missing ammo instead of crushing that zombie’s head in front of me. Helpful hints from the audience like “reload it” didn’t lead to success so I called it a night.

P.S.: Also the choppers are gone. That’s just my luck.day4_03


*Seriously, I don’t mind loosing stuff because I get myself killed, that’s the game. I am actually the kind of player who enjoys an epic defeat (and I had plenty of them) much more than a lame victory (epic victories are a different matter though) and would therefore never ask the admins to teleport me or just give me stuff as I consider this cheating. But starting from scratch like this really sucks…

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