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DayZ Diaries: Day 5

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DayZ Diaries: Day 5

Again I will cover several days in this chapter. From the point where the life as a survivor and the harsh environment starts getting to me to where I become the queen of my very own  hill (yes, pun intended). So, we finally start base building – very, very slow and small…

But let’s start at the beginning:

After I had my morale completely devastated and was about to rage-quit (mainly because sucking in front of other people isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time – yes, I am a girl, go ahead and mock me!) I went back into the game a few days later to … I don’t know exactly. Take a look around to see what’s keeping me here I guess. The server event left me with a bunch of nice stuff (sniper rifle without ammo, …) so I went scouting for a base location – you know, something to do alone and quiet and at my own pace and everything. (And yes, I want cheese with that whine, thank you!). Then I realized that I had no hatchet (how weird!) and no toolbox and whatever I needed to craft stuff, so I went looking for those.day5_001

After wandering south through the forest (and finding several spots with a nice view) I found myself in Komarovo (again), immediately being spotted by AI. What part of “I want some me-time” didn’t you understand, jerk? Now I need to kill you. Great. Ran into a warehouse that usually contained a hatchet and, right, there it was. Hid the rifle as the chances of finding ammo for it right now were more than slim. Axed a zombie who was stupid enough to get in the way of my fury and peeked through the door. That bandit’s aim was way off so I axed him. Yeah, stop screaming already, you really had it coming! Found a lot of cool things at his body and took his backpack. Wandered around in the streets of Komarovo and enjoyed the silence. Axed a bunch of zombies as they were disturbing my solitude with their annoying groaning. There you go. Quiet again. That’s better.day5_002

Admin joined and promised a reward to everyone who had 200 zombie kills with the same character until Saturday. I already had 12 (and that bandit). And more were spawning. Axed them. Took me 2 minutes to get to 20, another five to 28. They also had stuff. Went back to the beach to melt some empty cans into aluminum bars (don’t know what they’re good for except for trading but given the option – why not?) Went to search the warehouse there, Axed number 29. More zombies spawned right outside. Shot them. At about 50 I got a bit bored and discovered that these water bottles I found needed to be refilled at a pond or well. As I had seen one on my way here I went backtracking. Killed zombies 50-60 on the way.

After refilling my water bottles I discovered that I was losing blood. Wasn’t bleeding though. Logged off to ask what new weirdness that was. Then changed my mind and logged back in to ask the players instead. Their explanation was kind of bad news though as I seemed to be sick. Right, heard me coughing there. And while I had a bunch of crafting materials, weapons, water and stuff I didn’t have … well, antibiotics. Crap. 4.500 and falling. I will never make it to a hospital that way, provided I could find one. Why do these things keep happening to me? How the hell did I get sick? Alvaro Saa (sorry, dude, I don’t know if I spelled that right) asked around if someone could assist “that girl” – wow, do we have a lot players on the server who all wanted to know who a girl was – that’s right, guys, go for the stereotype! CroniC offered to fly to my location. So I waited. 4.100. Getting blurry. Also a Jet flew over me. Not his. That’s kinda creepy. He finally landed shortly after that, fixed me up with antibiotics and a blood bag and took off (as I needed to log off). Also ignored my repeatedly asked question if he wanted me to get him something in return – as I recently had discovered that I had a gold bar in my backpack. No clue where I got that… Ah, well …

So, right when I was going to quit, things get nice again? WTF?day5_003

Two days later: Logged back in to work a bit on the zombie-challenge. Axed number 72, then was shot by angry bitch AI. Well, thank you! Also: new players – nice! Went back for my stuff, AI chopper shot me, I spawned again practically next to my stuff (yay!) and went for my designated base location. Also, just my luck, it started to get darker. I chopped myself some wood (cool, that’s what the axe is meant to do, eh?) and built myself a workbench. Nice. Chopped some more and had the tree fell into it. Uhm … well, that looks inconspicuous enough. What next? Supply crate. Oh, I need scrap metal for that. Fire? Matches. That’s starting to get annoying. Also it was night now – no way I’ll get that stuff now. So I curled myself up to sleep in my new … well, next to my very own, built with my own hands, workbench.

Next day: Hmm, the tree is up again. Need to remember that. As I am still missing a crowbar (whatever the hell that is) to start building structures my next goal is obviously to get one. The friendly Wiki tells me to go look for it in residential areas. Meaning: Cities. No way I am gonna drag my stuff around to a city (and end up losing all of it when I die) so I went to get some storage first. A supply crate seems fine (I thought) so I bought one and brought it up to my hill. Ha! Apparently I cannot _just_ put all my stuff in a crate, so I dropped everything that I didn’t want to occupy precious space in my backpack on the ground and in my crate (after asking another player if that would work). After searching some hangars again I made my way to Chernogorsk. Axed some zombies on the way – the usual. Cherno had one not too bitchy AI, so I killed him and took his gold revolver off of him. Wow, I have a gold revolver! Uh … yeah.

So, residential areas … I found one that had a box of matches. Well, it seems I will have a fireplace tonight then at least. Tried to find more apartment buildings when I heard shots. Probably the buddy of the guy I just killed. Also, he was hiding. So I started to run, desperately trying to make my way away from the streets of Cherno. When I cut a corner near the church I almost ran into one of those priest-zombies who scared the hell out of me – geez, these dudes are creepy! And of course … that bandit jumped at me from behind a wall and shot me. Crap!day5_005

Body snatching time – again. Spawned on the other f***ing end of the island, got myself killed (on purpose), spawned again at a more convenient spot. Also found a working boat – yay! As the sun was setting I took a little break and a nice little boat trip along the coast – even during a zombie apocalypse there has to be some recreational time, right?

When I reached Cherno again, it was dark. Also I could hear shots from the distance so I got a bit nervous – especially as I wasn’t entirely sure in which one of those streets I left my body. So I snuck around in the city, searched some more buildings (nothing interesting or crowbar-like), jumped at every sound or imaginary movement and there it finally was, in the middle of the street: My stuff. Nice. It only took my like an hour to get to exact same point I started today. I also realized that I start to mind dying a lot more than at the beginning of my adventure – because now I actually have things I want to keep … not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one as it makes me kind of a coward (or a lot more careful?).

As it was getting late I cancelled every other endeavor for today (see above: coward) and headed back to my hill to craft that fireplace. When I got there my crate was gone, so was the stuff I dropped on the ground. Well, that sucks. (A bit, as it had contained nothing too important, but still… dirty thieves! Also, Morpheus, you owe me a briefcase!) Ah well … I will light myself a nice fire and go to sleep then. Oh, what’s that blinking down the hill there? Maybe I should go check out the neighbors, now that I know I have some? They smelled really funny and greeted me with groaning and attempts to bite me – how rude! So I had to kill them – too bad.

Then I remembered that I had two documents in my pockets so I was really excited about what to do with them. Uhm … okay? I crafted a letter and a … romance novel? Seriously? That’s so … completely useless?

Well, long story short, I spent the rest of the night at my campfire looking at the moon and the stars from atop my hill reading my newly gotten … book. Life can be beautiful …day5_007


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