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DayZ Diaries: Day 6

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DayZ Diaries: Day 6

As there will be base building pretty soon I split that first part and make it a separate chapter – let’s call it an interlude. So, this is just about me doing my usual thing…

So, I went into the game planning for it to be for like an hour or so, just getting some supplies, maybe go crowbar-hunting a bit – nothing too time consuming. Found myself at the airstrip again and being shot by AI. Hmm. Same old. Spawned near Kamyshovo and found a nice working pickup on the way. Uh, thanks, game! Morph flew over me and accompanied me to … well … me, keeping the AI off my back while I was getting my stuff and some more from dead AI. Found a giant backpack. Picked it up. Hmm, my old one is gone … with the engine parts and stuff in it. That’s … weird. Ah, well, nevermind. Morph took off and I went cruising around, not sure what to do as I was still a bit afraid of the cities. Visited some places that I remembered to sometimes have engine parts as mine was dark orange.day6_002

Then my game crashed while I was in my car. (Cat walked over my keyboard and my mouse – yes, seriously.) Spawned … near Kamyshovo again. Axed a cow and got myself some beef. Will have to figure out how to cook it. Wondered if I’ll find some spice, too. Walked west until I reached Elektro, salvaging a bunch of vehicles on the way. Spotted a residential building (meaning: potential crowbar-location). Also heard gunshots. Sprinted to the building to check it out. Well, here’s the thing: Having to wait outside the building for stuff to spawn inside the building also gives the AI more time to spawn itself and spot me so I was getting a bit nervous. Stuff spawned, AI spawned (a bit away but I could hear them fire). Stuff was boring, AI – not so much. Ran out of the house again and along the shore until I saw another building. Ah, what the heck. AI in a ghillie suit jumped me from around a corner. I axed him. Yes! From what I saw during a very quick glance at his gear I considered myself a) very lucky and b) immensely rich. Heard a shot really close. Oh, he has some backup. How … inconvenient. Turned around, saw the guy run away and into a street, followed him – and that’s when he shot me. Ooookay. That sucks. This “I will only play an hour”-thing won’t happen tonight then as I want my stuff back (and his).day6_003

Spawned in Komarovo. Didn’t I leave my car here? Oh, great, it’s gone. Walking time then. Wandered along the shore. It had started to rain and a rainbow appeared (seriously? Rainbows? What’s next, puppies?) with its end pointing at Elektro. Must be a sign or something. Or some really cruel mockery. A bit ahead I spotted a boat near the beach. Quite low on fuel but at least I could cut some of the bays. So I did. Driving with my yacht along the shore during sunset in the direction of that rainbow. How insanely ….picturesque! Fuel for the boat started to blink but I had spotted a small rubber boat ahead so everything is peachy again. Made it to the bay near my body, walked up into what I thought was “my” street … and “I” wasn’t there. WTF? Before I could tab out and do a little cheating (because, you know… duh!) by looking at the screenshots to see if I actually had the right location there (yeah, that’s cheating, too!), some AI walked up to me. I swung my axe in his direction which caused him to start fleeing (in terror? I sure hope so!). That’s the bad thing about close combat – if they start to run you’re in trouble. So was I. The last thing I saw before I passed out were ten or so zombies storming at my unconscious body to have at it …

Spawned … in Komarovo. Again. Also: This time there won’t be boats anymore. That sure sucks. Really don’t want to walk all the way AGAIN! So I decided to violate another one of my rules and asked the other players for a ride. (I usually avoid doing that because I still want to explore the game on my own.) Some guy (freaky username, no way I get to spell it right, sorry!) picked me up in his Osprey (Seriously? Does no one drive anymore? You guys all have f***ing airplanes?) while I ran away from a couple of zombies (no hatchet yet and shooting at them with the Makarov is kind of pointless – for me at least). Flying over Elektro (and watching my pilot show off his awesome flying skills) he informed me that I will have to jump. Uhm … right. So I did. While I really enjoyed the view during the parachuting (almost night, moon coming up, city lights already on) I somehow managed to land really close to my destination. Still no “me”. More AI. This is getting ridiculous. I started from scratch so many times already, I will find new stuff … but, nooo, I am being stubborn tonight. Screw the fact that I have work in the morning.day6_001

During another long walk I started to wonder when my stuff will despawn. Not a pleasant thought. I practically stumbled over a skull in “my” street. Yay! That’s … not me. Well, it’s me but from like half an hour ago. Damn. Took the gold bar and the bandages off me. Brilliant idea making gold bars part of the starting equipment by the way! Finding another skull in the dark will sure be fun! I ran around a bit keeping my eyes to the ground. Also there was no sign of that AI I killed earlier, which added to my bad mood. And then, finally, there was “me” – all clean gnawed bone – but with my stuff. Shots. I clicked everything I could into my inventory (like I never clicked before) and ran like hell to the beach where one lone zombie decided to get in the way of my escape. Killed him, then logged off. That was way too close for my taste.

Long story short: Got a crowbar for Christmas (thanks!) and dying so much I somehow got kinda rich. So let’s go buy building stuff!


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