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DayZ Diaries: Day 7

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DayZ Diaries: Day 7

Allright, we are finally at it! I am gonna spare you the incredibly boring details of what seemed to be an eternity of getting stuff, carrying around stuff, carrying back other stuff, learning how to set a new plot pole after I died (which is really annoying), trying to build walls that wouldn’t look as if a squirrel on speed placed them (there is one particular corner that really looks messed up) and gonna share what I’ve learned from it instead:

Choosing a place not too far from the beach obviously has pros (which is why I did it) and cons – the pros are obviously that I don’t have to walk too long to it when I die (which I still do a lot). The cons are that other players don’t have to as well. I also picked a spot right between several AI spawning points. That’s gonna be interesting as proven by the scouting party that obviously had followed the sneakily placed lights in the trees and caught me completely by surprise one night. Got a cool weapon from one of them though. I also have some sort of large meadow below it where there are zombies roaming almost constantly. That’s nice for raising the score and getting some minor stuff from them but as it turns out if I kill too many of them or venture too far eventually the AI is going to spawn and come for me. Also if I am chopping wood for too long the zombies get curious and want to see what I am doing.day7_001

So days went by with me building stuff, watching over my walls to see if there are any threads approaching and minding my own business when I suddenly noticed a car parked not too far away. So I went to check it out. I axed some zombies (and gutted them – you know, because I can!) and approached the vehicle very cautiously. No one was in there or near it so I got a bit closer to check on its condition. And then … the world burst into one loud explosion, everything turned red and my bones were shattered all over the place – just like that. The effect reminded me of a trick that was played on me a while back with a tank trap. So, we have trapped vehicles now – or really crazy players?

When I finally returned home (after a long walk on the beach for getting my stuff of course) I noticed someone at my place – MorpheuS finally found it after looking for it ever since I mentioned I was building one. He hung out there a bit while I axed a bold zombie and killed a boar to grill its bacon for us – another nice thing about my hill: it has a lot of animals wandering by. As I wasn’t exactly doing something (or didn’t want to build more stuff) morph invited me to see his base. So I got into his chopper (as, you know, no one is doing something as mundane as driving on the island) and took a trip north. I was impressed. Also: I want a dog. Because having a dog is nice! He can probably bite zombies or AI – or so! As morph had some stones he didn’t need he offered to fly some to my place. Had a leftover rifle, too. And again: My trade offers were kind of … ignored. Seriously, guys, you need to stop giving me stuff!

I also named my place. Something totally keeps creeping me out there. I am not sure if the AI can make noises or if it was a mischievous player with a mic but one day I heard the scariest sound ever in the game so far. It sounded like distorted words (like from a really bad mic) and when I asked around no one answered – so whoever that was: kudos for seriously freaking me out there! (No, it was not a zombie – duh!) Because of that my place is now called “Haunted Hill” – well, by me at least. (A bit later I stumbled over a vid on youtube of people actually doing exactly that – don’t get any ideas though! The next person sneaking up on me is getting hatchetted!)day7_002

So I basically was constantly nervous and alert while building, never straying too far from home (smart thing for kids, not helpful in that game), scared to even make the very quick trip to the nearest well. Especially after I experienced the sweet side effect of over-encumbrance – which is an interesting feature btw. as it doesn’t occur directly but like five minutes or so later – not so fun when you just logged in, totally forgot that you are carrying heavy stuff, run away from a zombie and then fall down to the ground. As stupid ways to die go – that one is definitely in the top three!

Then: Server event! (Before which I hang out a bit with morph, getting myself a vehicle and driving it up to my hill. Also had a couple more visitors – my hill seems to be attracting quiet a lot of attention from the locals! And: I totally was NOT doing drugs with the fins at their place – because drugs are bad, you know? I wish I’d have thought about hitting the screenshot button though while NOT seeing pretty colours.)day7_003

This time our task was to kill the admins for their stuff and gold – and who didn’t want to do that, right? So I let the fins break the wall at our starting place with chainsaws while sitting in my truck (you want the stereotype? You got it!*). We were given hints on the current position of the admin convoy and should try to find them. As I again had no idea where _my_ current position was I started to drive south. Luckily enough they were heading along the coast so I could probably cut them off. One hint indicated them somewhere near Elektro when I just entered the town. Ha, gotcha! I saw a couple of people run along the street so I jumped out of my car and started firing. I only realized that I was up against a couple of AI instead when I already shot 4 or 5 of them. Also the firing attracted a whole lot of zombies and even more AI so – there we go.

I spawned somewhere on the east coast and started walking. I didn’t bring anything important to the fight so I wasn’t too eager to get my stuff this time. Then I saw a humvee on the road and a dead body. Looked like a player. As the only players who died recently were admins (well, and me) it seemed to be my lucky day! So I finally found myself possessing a pretty badass-looking weapon and basically almost every tool belt item in the game plus a whole backpack full of stuff! The vehicle though was broken and I didn’t have repairing equipment on me. Too bad. As I continued to walk down the beach I saw two guys in black clothes – AI again and they were angry! So I spawned again near my stuff and got escorted home by Ossie who hung out at my “nice little base” a bit and helped me build a well. Also he left me a present: a pink SUV! Awwww! Another person reads my diary! That’s so sweet!day7_004

*Actually, Ossie wanted to get me a “hello kitty” car but the game didn’t seem to have one. Also I was hearing shoe-closet jokes in the side channel. Really, guys, I love ya, but that has to stop!

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