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DayZ Diaries: Day 8

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DayZ Diaries: Day 8

As usual I logged in to JUST do some stuff quickly – chop some wood, build some walls to replace the shed at my hill, nothing too big. The friendly Finns were announcing they’d come for a visit – how nice, maybe they bring something cool to … err … eat. So when I heard them honking I unlocked the door for them …

… and was shot almost instantly and with great precision. WTF?

They quickly assured me it wasn’t them but some player named Indiana Jones who was sniping from the adjacent forest and must have actually waited for one of us to come out from behind my walls. And of course that’s me. I spawned … far away. Keijos messages indicated nothing good as they seemed to be trapped at my place, couldn’t see they guy and were taking fire. I started running. Keijo’s blood count was dropping fast. I advised him to get to cover and just wait that guy out as he would be running out of ammo eventually. Or wait till he got bored and tried to enter through the one entry point at my place that wasn’t locked. Something else then being shot! I will NOT have people die at my place next to a ton of medical supplies! So I posted the  combination for the supply safe in the side channel. That finally drew Indy out into the chat as well, saying he was out for blood and came to get it. As he was somewhere north I decided to try flanking him as I had picked up a nice shotgun on the way, hoping that the fins would somehow figure that out and keep him busy. Obviously I didn’t go north far enough and was shot again – with not so great precision anymore though. Damn!day8_001

Spawned … really far away (Kamyshovo). Red and Morph had joined but were building – and missed out on all the fun! I offered them some gold to join the fight (which they turned down) and Indy got kind of pissed as they drove near with their tank. More pleasantries were exchanged. (Actually it got kind of ugly as each party accused the other of cheating and that’s bit sad as this battle was indeed quite epic – or could have been at least). Meanwhile I had to pass New-Cherno (which was made into a big city and also an AI base by the admins earlier). Not sure how I made it home. Indy was killed by Morph and Red and the fins were gone (one of them was killed and the other one went to pick him up). Also, they left that guy’s stuff in my shed – despite my protest as it was their spoils of war. So I now own a nice DMR, another assault rifle and some more stuff. They also left beer. Hmm.

Shortly after that I got a call for help by Keijo. They had run into some sort of trouble at Balota and needed fuel. Hmm, my cars seem damaged. Thanks Indy! So I packed a jerry can, the cool weapon I got from the server event and a backpack full of medical supplies (which I was in the process of storing in another place) and started running. The only direction I was given was that their car was on the road, so I ran into town and heard firing. No car though. Damn! I asked for more specific directions, hoping, that they didn’t mean the airstrip – and of course they were at the industrial area east of it. I also didn’t remember what clothes they were wearing. Need to pay more attention! So as I saw one guy running ahead of me I waited a few seconds for a nametag to appear before I shot him. I am pretty sure it was a bandit. And he brought a friend with some sort of shotgun – judging by the sound that is. Finally saw the car on the road. AI was shooting at me again, couldn’t see him, so I died pretty close. That’s not too … heroic.

Also: Server restart in 30 minutes. I spawned in Komarovo (yes!), grabbed another weapon and went straight back to the airstrip – this time from behind it. I heard some shots in the distance and decided to bypass the area through the adjacent woods. Too bad the AI saw that coming and broke my legs. And then shot me. This really can’t be happening! 15 minutes.day8_002

I spawned near Cap Golova and found the rubber boat there. I also asked the guys to make a run for the fuel and leave. Which they did, so I at least could somehow repay my debt. While driving past New-Cherno I noticed a boat coming my way. I never saw AI in a boat before… how weird! Oh crap, they’re firing on me and I have … like nothing to defend myself with! Oh, that was a player … ah well.

When I finally made it back home after the restart I did some inventory checking. Hmm … I still have a bunch of food and water and all my money and building stuff was still there. After a moment of panic I found my tool belt items in the car right where Keijo put them after my first death.

And seriously: Despite the fact that we all died, this was just an awesome team endeavor! And that’s what it’s all about, right?

The next few days I didn’t do anything. At all. Well, I went to the field below my hill to kill zombies. Something nice and simple. I also tried to lure the AI to my door to kill them (as mentioned before: they usually come looking when I kill a bunch of zombies at my lawn), but they must have known what I was up to and stayed away. Hm. I also needed to replace the plot pole. Again. Right in the middle of that my crowbar broke. Damn! I don’t want to go crowbar hunting again! So I kept killing zombies instead. I also got completely freaked out by a police car driving up to my hill and playing music for me as I thought I remembered someone mentioning a police car during that fight with Indy. So: yeah, you got me scared there. Again. I will never leave my hill again. Ever!day8_003

Then: Server event. Basically the same thing as last week with the difference that all of us got into a chopper together (with the advantage of being able to make a plan on the flight) and were to get the admins at Fort Knox. As some of us didn’t grab the weapons from the pickup point and we didn’t have ammo for the chopper’s guns we should have actually come up with a plan. Well, we didn’t.* Instead suddenly the chopper exploded (due to technical difficulties) and we all died. Hmm. Also: I had my precious DMR in my backpack as the instructions what to bring were a bit ambiguous. As I logged back in I was brought back to Fort Knox and informed that we will raid it together now instead.  Hmm, sure why not, wanted to do this anyway some time and now I didn’t have to worry about my stuff as I didn’t have any. So I started approaching the base quite cautiously, saw three AI come out of the gate, fired at them and they fell to the ground. Too bad these weren’t my kills but from someone behind me. Ah well.

I entered the castle and started looting the local store when I suddenly realized that just me, the fins and RedEagle were still playing. WTF? So, there we were, in the middle of nowhere – surely no place we want to log off at – with no means of transportation besides a damaged chopper. So we started to search the base for fuel and engine parts. I also found a ton of weapons I wanted but no backpack. That sucks. And like three crowbars. That game surely has a mean sense of humor! Then I saw that crashed chopper from before on top of one of the towers so I went up there to try to salvage it. When I climbed the stairs I stumbled over a skull. Cool, dead player! Wait … that’s me! How can that be me? I had completely logged off as my game crashed after the … well, crash. That’s weird. I took whatever I could carry without having to drop all the ammo for my new assault rifle and continued when I found another skull. That must be Red, he had mentioned he had a key on him. I messaged him to get here and continued searching.

Suddenly I heard shots. Sounded pretty close. No message. I tried to find some cover (in vain) and saw someone come up the stairs. And I totally panicked and started shooting (and missing). Still no message. I kept firing. Right when I saw some blue letters in my peripheral vision saying “stop, it’s me” I was dead …day8_004

I spawned … in the “wilderness”. Wherever the hell that was. So while Red had decided to make a run for Stary to buy engine parts I was trying to figure out how to get back to Fort Knox. Then it dawned on me: Don’t I live around here somewhere? There was totally a reason for it and right here it was. It actually took me a few seconds to realize that. Wow. So I ran home to get a weapon while asking Red to grab “me” and store “me” in the chopper he was planning to repair. When I reached my hill he was already on his way to it so I decided to clear the meadow from zombies. I opened the door – and stared into a face. Holy crap! I only had my hatchet (still my weapon of choice against zombies) and a pistol on me and after the incident earlier I was a bit reluctant to open fire immediately – but I could hear the chopper somewhere away – so who the hell was that? As the guy was starting to aim at me I unloaded a clip into his face. (Yeah, panicking again!) There you go, bitch, now let’s see who you are. A bandit? Seriously? I try for days to lure you to exactly that point and right when I don’t want you here you come? Cruel sense of humor indeed! I heard another shot so I retreated behind my walls waiting for Red. The second AI was nowhere to be seen. Red brought me some gold but not my stuff so I started wondering when the AI will respawn at their base. Apparently after restart. Hmm. So I could go back there safely right now? Cool! As it was on Red’s way home he offered to fly me there. Also told me, that an ATV was parked there. Nice, let’s do this!

Fort Knox was full of zombies. I ran past them straight into the tower to grab my things (server restart in 45 minutes). Some of them were missing but I didn’t care too much. My DMR was still there, so were my medical supplies and at least one crowbar. Again I heard shots outside. Red was having some fun with the zombies. Phew! I got to the ATV and started driving south. Didn’t even get lost on the way (too much). But I managed to trash another car. I really need to get this driving thing down one day!day8_006

So, again: I left the server event with more stuff then I had before it and while 1 ½ hour of trying to find a way home after being abandoned by everyone wasn’t exactly what the admins had planned for us it was still kinda exciting.

*I am a “work with what you have”-person. If I don’t have a weapon or a chopper-MG full of ammo then maybe it’s time to start thinking of a way to accomplish this another way instead of complaining on about it? Sounds like a plan?

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