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DayZ Dystopia: Kiwi & The Chuckle Brothers Part 1

The new Six Launcher and Six Updater are great, don’t get me wrong.  It’s a lot better than searching a bunch of servers in-game only to realize that after you’ve found a server, and finally managed to log onto the server, and it actually loads, and creates your character, it tells you that you have the wrong version.  Problems like that are only a distant memory now with the new Six Launcher!

On the other hand, playing together on DayZ utilizing the built in search function is reminiscent of playing bingo at times.  Here’s how it pans out: Kiwi, Isotope and myself were trying to logon to the same server,  seems easy enough right?  It took us on average about 10-15 minutes to find a server that we all could see.  Our conversation would go something like this:

I said US 1043 GODDAMMIT!


KillaKiwi: US 1022?
Isotope Toast: Yeah.
PsychoSyd: Nope.
KillaKiwi: US 1024?
Isotope Toast: Nah.
PsychoSyd: Yep.
KillaKiwi: US 1003?
Isotope Toast: No.
PsychoSyd: Nope.


I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea.  After finally finding a server that we were all able to log on to, we were able to start!  Well, we had to wait for a number of loading screens, but the process is in fact getting a bit smoother.

The major bummer though if you’re playing with buddies is the random spawn.  Once you die in the game, and want to re-enter the game, a new character is created and you’re randomly plopped down somewhere on the map.  It’s usually on the coastline, which is easier for orientation, but of course equally as dangerous, because any seasoned veteran of DayZ who wants to go hunting for noobs need only perch himself on the tree line overlooking a stretch of beach and the bodies will hit the floor.

Isotope Toast, A.K.A. Frankus spawned in a few times on the other side of the map, and ended up killing himself (running into a pack of zombies!) in order to re-spawn (hopefully) closer to our location. Kiwi and myself were lucky enough to only have to traipse around the forest for about 30 minutes until we were able to hook up with each other.

We decided to meet at Rog, having used that as a rally point a few times before.  There usually aren’t that many zombies hanging around, and if you’re lucky you can find a nice weapon and supplies in the tower.   If you’re looking for a good map, check out this one.

We finally meet up, and even though we know each other IRL…paranoia ensues……seriously.


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