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DayZ Lingor Island Vacation

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DayZ Lingor Island Vacation

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just installed the Lingor map on our DayZ  private server! That’s right, as of now, only those with invites can join our server our server is an open server. Notice I didn’t say “public server”.  Basically it’s a private server that we’re opening up to other players.  The beauty of having your own private server is that you can simply change the password and ensure that no hackers get in! Of course, it keeps everyone else out too..

Think you have what it takes to rumble in the jungle with the XP4T wolfpack? Then send us a private message on our facebook page, including your DayZ tag name.  You can simply join the XP4T server by searching for XP4T in DayZ Commander once you find it, put in this week’s password: glitches

When we play, we play together on the official XP4T Teamspeak server, and we’ll give you that TS login details as well.

Lingor Island is a South-American inspired tropical map used on unofficial DayZ servers, and is slightly smaller than Chernarus. Where Chernarus is 14×12, Lingor Island is 10×10. Additionally, there is a much higher concentration of military grade loot.  There’s a great interactive map of the island which you can see here.  This is just one of the many maps the Vilayer is making available for private DayZ servers.

Lingor Island differentiates itself somewhat from the classic Chernarus map and gameplay:

  • Can place military flashlight on shoulder and use it while still wielding a weapon.(do not attempt, most servers will kick you for scripting)
  • Can refuel a car and a heli at a gas station simply by parking near the pumps (on the roof with the heli)
  • DMR sniper rifle is zero-able.
  • DMR loses ability to work with Night Vision.
  • New skins. (i.e. Bandit skin back – You will lose your ghillie suit if you kill someone and log back in.)
  • Humanity system bug – If you’re at 0 long enough, you lose your backpack completely.
  • Many more vehicles.

We have a number of DayZ related stories and videos here, and some great screenshots which you can check out here. When you’re done watching all those, pack your backs (don’t forget your sun screen) and take a trip! See you on the island!

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