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DayZ Namalsk is Wicked

J.J. Costello 2012-10-28 Varia No Comments on DayZ Namalsk is Wicked
DayZ Namalsk is Wicked

The Nightstalker.cz modding crew (holla!) have wacked together a great DayZ mod.  The mod is available via direct download through  DayZ Commander.

Now I wouldn’t say that Namalsk is a beautiful island per say, but it is an interesting one.  The island which I’ve only played on for a few hours has a lot to offer.  One of the most interesting aspects of the map that I’ve found (as a seasoned DayZ player) is the underground bunkers! It seems so simple, and innocuous, but adding a subterranean aspect to the map simply brought the game to a whole new level for me. Albeit, the underground facility is dinky, and you’ll easily brisk through it in a bout 5 minutes, but let me tell you, those 5 minutes will be like Christmas.

When I played the map for the first time, I was lucky enough to come across the bunker within the first 30 minutes of playing and at that point all I actually had on me was an axe, and I was starving, and being chanced.  Finding the bunker was a godsend, and it was full of weapons and ammo, but alas no food.

Not only does Namalsk tease you with the possibility of vertical descenion, it also tantalized you with a plethora of other elements, including awesome bridges, trains and interesting new enterable buildings!

Yes, in fact I do like tunnels, how considerate.

DayZ: Namalsk Has:

  • Over 1500 loot spots
  • 90 unique models
  • Improved weather conditions that affects your body’s temperature
  • Increased activity (count) of the infected at the certain locations
  • New clothes (inspired by this uniform), which does have a real impact on your body’s temperature
  • New and edited loot tables
  • Spawn of the heli-crash events disabled, heli-crash loot is available in smaller amount on the static places on the map with edited loot table
  • Spawn of the debris, wrecks and dead bodies is turned off
  • New types of the infected characters (better fitting to the situation on Namalsk)
  • Multiplayer DayZ mission connected with the newest version of AII laboratory module
  • 35 different spawn points for bicycles, cars, boats or helicopter (spawn points does not corresponds with the actual count of the spawned vehicles in the mission)
  • New types of helicopters – Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka (with grenade launcher and rockets) and civilian transport Mil Mi-17

DayZ: Namalsk loot map is available here.

The official XP4T DayZ Namarsk server is up and running so feel free to hop on! UPDATE: IT’S DEAD JIM, IT’S DEAD.


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