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Didya know about the Siege Spectator Mode?

Didya know about the Siege Spectator Mode?


Rainbow Six Siege offers players a new way to experience its tense counter-terrorist action. The Spectator Cam allows an 11th person to participate in the 5v5 multiplayer matches by giving them the chance to witness the action through two different camera options. With the traditional First-Person View, the spectator can see through the eyes of an individual player during a match, while the Tactical View lets them switch between following individual players automatically, or zooming out over the map to see everything that’s happening. You can get your first look at the Spectator Cam in this walkthrough video.


While using the Spectator Cam, you’ll be able to check out the Player Panel, which displays information (like his or her badge, equipped weapons and gadgets) on the individual you select. Spectators can also see special outlines around each of the Operators on the map so they can keep an eye on their positions and monitor tactics.


10 player Custom Games can now be hosted on dedicated servers, which offers a fair gameplay environment that better suits competition. Dedicated servers means no host advantage, better stability, and makes it harder to cheat. We also are making the Spectator Camera feature available on dedicated servers, allowing an 11th person to observe matches held on those servers.

There are currently limitations on using said feature. We do plan on making it more accessible and improving the feature over time, but wanted to share it today with you.

Current limitations:

  • There must be 10 players for a Custom Game on dedicated servers to start.
  • In order to create a game with a Spectator, the spectator has to be the one creating said game as Spectator. In that case, there will be 10 players and 1 spectator in a match.
  • Only one spectator can be present in a Custom Match hosted on dedicated servers.
  • Even though it is on dedicated servers, if the match creator quits, the lobby is disbanded.
  • These matches are invite only.
  • You will have 10 minutes to fill the lobby and start to game to keep the match on a dedicated server.
  • There is currently no way to return to an already started match if you leave or disconnect.
  • As the creator, you won’t be able to create a new Custom Game on dedicated servers for 10 minutes if you shut down your previous Custom Game hosted on dedicated servers.

In order to launch a Custom Game on dedicated servers, from the main menu, select:

  • CREATE NEW PLAYLIST (or select one you already made)
    • Fill Playlist Name
    • Press Add a Match, then edit the details of your match and save your playlist.
  • Select any of your previously created playlists, this will bring up the CREATE GAME panel.
  • Decide whether you want to Create as Player or Create as Spectator.
  • Select Server Type: Dedicated Server
  • Allow Spectator will be automatically set to off, however you can join yourself as a Spectato

With the addition of the Spectator Cam, Siege is definitely upping its game, and making itself more and more attractive for players. Have you tried the spectator mode yet? What was your experience?

We hope the Spectator Cam will not only make matches fun to watch, but also help players learn more about our game.

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