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DoorKickers 2: Task Force North

DoorKickers 2: Task Force North

If yours PC is too slow for the Rainbow Six Siege, then you should keep an eye on DoorKickers 2: Task Force North. Of course the difference between those two games is huge but they have the same main target. Kill the bad guys using your skill, and tactics. The DoorKickers series is developed by KillHouse Games – small indie studio founded in late 2012, in Bucharest, Romania. The whole crew is just 3 guys. But they did a bang up job with their first game – DoorKickers. The game is just brilliant. You are responsible for creating the right squad for each mission, assigning proper equipment, and  the most important thing here… draw the best tactics for the missions.

The game also has a level editor, so now there are plenty of new maps and missions on steam workshop. At the beginning of this year they published a summary of the previous year, and announced the continuation of  the DoorKickers franchise. DoorKickers 2 will not only be a single player game like the first one, but players can also expect cooperative missions and other multiplayer modes. But wait, there’s more! In contrast to the first Door Kickers, the sequel will take place in a three-dimensional environment, however still remaining true to character and utilizing the top-down view.


The developers have also come up with new features like turning off the lights and hiding in the dark to use one of the new gadgets (night vision goggles), breaking windows and jumping over ledges, just to name a few.  And if we’re talking about the new gadgets then it’s worth mentioning drones which will help with better reconnaissance. Player will also face new threats such as suicide bombers, booby traps and RPG launchers. Oh, you wanted more features? Well, sure…. the level editor returns along with full support for mods. Sounds good for all of you? Great! Then let’s talk about the dates. DoorKickers 2: Task Force North is expected to hit early access in Q4 2016 on Windows, Linux and Mac, with Full Release on PC and handhelds coming later, aka “when they’re done”! So, believe me or not, but it’s worth to wait for it.

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