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Firefox Extensions – make your life easier!

Firefox Extensions – make your life easier!

Firefox web browser extensions. Ever heard of ’em? Do you know that such things even existed? And if so, have you ever bothered visiting the Firefox extension catalog? If not, you’re missing all the advantages and extra features extensions can add to your FF browser (same story with Google Chrome!) and make your life much, much easier. Thankfully, you have us – the XP4T Wolfpack – and we’ll get you up and running in just a few clicks!

We’ve taken the liberty of suggesting our favorite, confirmed picks (click addon name for link):

AdBlock Plus (+ Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon)

One of the most handy plugins ever created. It lets you block unwanted ads that have become plague like on the “Interwebz”, especially large portal sites like Yahoo. You can use AdBlock Plus to block a specific ad (Flash, JS and GFX files) or blacklist a whole ad server or only specific location and/or file types within a single server. ABP also uses pre-configured ad blacklists which you can subscribe to which have alot of ads blocked automatically (lists are being constantly updated).

With the addition of Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon, Firefox additionally becomes able to block unwanted pop-ups with much greater efficiency than without the plugin (including pop-ups opened using JavaScript).

Better Battlelog 2.0

A “must have” for all BF3 players and frequent Battlelog users. It does not act as a toolbar or a separate application, but merely changes the way the Battlelog site looks, by adding more features to it and expanding Battlelog’s default capabilities.

Those new features include storing your BBLog settings in a cloud, custom filter lists, platoon images, BB Code and Embedded YT videos support for the BF3 forums, context menu and highly detailed weapons stats. And that’s maybe half of the full feature list for this extension.

Download Statusbar

Pretty tiny helper, but quite useful. It adds a small horizontal bar at the bottom of the browser window in which all pending downloads are displayed. From the bar you can observe download speed and estimated download completion time. You can also pause/resume all downloads using two clicks and run a freshly downloaded file.


This is one slick addon for managing your downloads, acting independently to the download functions built into Firefox. All in all, it is a standalone and very feature-rich download manager working together with your Firefox browser and allows you to start downloading multiple files at the same time (eg. a few or even all download links from an opened page, including filtering options and labelling downloads), supports segmented downloading (multiple download threads for each file) and lets you limit the download speed in case you don’t want the download to eat your bandwith like crazy. It also integrates with your Firefox context menu, enabling you to start a download in one click (DTA Turbo! option).


Tweeting a lot? This is your ultimate Twitter imp inside the Firefox browser. You can use it to post new tweets (it supports URL shortening and attaching images), read others’ tweets and write/read Direct Messages – all of that without having to even open the Twitter page. It’s pretty compact in size and has a well-designed GUI making using it a really smooth experience.


Yes, it adds a FTP client built into your Firefox browser! You don’t have to use Filezilla anymore for your FTP connections, including FTPS and SFTP. It supports both passive and active mode, as well as provides a connection manager.


Very nice plugin for downloading video files off YouTube and other popular video platforms using Flash audio and/or video. It can be integrated with DownThemAll! making it the ultimate video grabber for YT (supports all resolutions a given clip is available in on YouTube).

PDF Download

A good solution for people having troubles reading PDF files in their browser. With this extension, clicking on a PDF link will result in you being asked what to do (open or download the PDF file to disk). It also allows you to easily convert a page – you have in front of you – to a PDF file, you can then download.

Webmail Notifier

One of my favs, by a long shot! This addon checks all your email account and displays a notification if there is a new message in any of them. You can configure a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP or POP3 account in it and even log into the accounts with new messages simultaneously, if you like (add-on supports multi-session logging, at least for Gmail).


One of a few I can’t live without now! You can use it to store all your bookmarks, browser history and open tabs in a cloud, and have it automatically synchronize all those settings on browser launch and close. The purpose of it is to have all those things look exactly the same no matter what PC you use. You no longer have to be sending yourself links to interesting websites in an email, if you want to browse a given page on another PC. Now you just need to install the Xmarks addon on all your machines and it will sync everything automatically.

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