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First news on Dragon Age III – Inquisition

First news on Dragon Age III – Inquisition

Devoted Dragon Age fans probably remember Mark Darrah’s open letter to DA fans, announcing the third installment of the DA franchise – Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Executive Producer for the upcoming game didn’t disclose much information in that letter of his, but confirmed that the game will be developed using Frostbite 2 engine and that it would offer vast customization options for followers and pets.

Today, Polish DA fansite named Cuda Thedas (The Wonders of Thedas) has posted a short but to-the-point summary of what’s been recently made publicly known about DA3 during Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Well, our Polish friends were able to establish and confirm the following things for you:

  • Frostbite 2 is the engine DA3 will be using, offering the developers a whole suite of new possibilities they can use to make the game simply better; You might know it from Battlefield 3, for instance.
  • Currently the plan is to release DA3 in late Autumn 2013
  • Inquisition is the first title in BioWare history with such a long pre-production process.
  • Character and companion look customization will be available and further extended, compared to DA: Origins.
  • Dragon Age 3 will offer much more freedom of travel throughout the game world, which will be bigger than before. We will be able to even get lost in it!
  • Playable character will – again – be human.
  • We will choose the origins of our hereo, but this time we won’t take part in the events shaping that story.
  • Flemeth will appear in DA3, though, details of their impact on the plot remain to be unveiled.
  • Both Grey Warden and Hawke could appear in DS2, this time as NPCs, not playable characters.
  • Dragon Age is not a trilogy; The third game will end some side stories we could hear about in previous DA games, and will of course provide new quest lines, too.
  • There’s going to be a big story connected to the Qunari people. It won’t be part of the main plot, but it will provide even more information on that interesting race.
  • We will be travelling through more than one land only and will visit Tevinter, Orlais, Ferelden, Antiva and Nevarra.
  • Every single location in DA3 will be bigger than all locations in Dragon Age 2, combined.
  • We will be managing our own castle/fortress.
  • The story will also provide some details on the lives of our old friends from two previous DA games.
  • Romance options will be in place again, though, in a bit reshaped form.
  • We will be able to import our characters from previous DA games, though, accurate descriotion of how the import function will work, is still a few months from being released to public.

There’s also a pretty good chance there will be another DA universum novel release around the D1 for the game itself.

Stay tuned as XP4T is going to provide more cover of DA development and we will be posting all major news concerning this upcoming cRPG~!

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