Monday 26th September 2022,
XP4T Brave.Bold.Banter.

Gamer’s Guilt #004

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Gamer’s Guilt is a  weekly xp4t exclusive semi-autobiographical fantasy strip about a dude named Jared who looks like me and his adventures as the world of games overtakes his life.

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About The Author

Jared has been writing for and about comics for a few years now. He's a self proclaimed "drawer", and has a webcomic and game called Scary-oke, check it out here! His latest project, GULP!, where he did a strip on the back of a cigarette carton for every shift he worked at a liquor store in San Francisco, is mildly amusing. He's a PC and tabletop gamer through and through. Folks love his Dungeon Mastering skillz. That's a FACT! His Gamer's Guilt comic strip is exclusive to xp4t and will update every Thursday.

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