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Gaming News – December 8-10th

Alien Isolation has just received a new patch which adds two hefty features. Fresh fans of sci-horror can now play on Novice difficulty, while die-hard fans of the genre are now able to put their nerves to the test on Nightmare difficulty. Happy screaming!


Easily news of the week! On January 29th, Ubisoft will release a refreshed, modern-resolution-ready version of the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic III. HoMM III HD will be out for PC, iOS and Android tablets, and (Ubi say) will offer the following:

  • A new HD experience: re-live Heroes® III in HD, with true craftsmanship that offers players updated graphics with wide screen compatibility.
  • Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes® III gameplay, with 7 exciting campaign scenarios, around 50 skirmish maps, local multiplayer and a map editor.
  • Now Steamworks compatible, the PC version of Heroes® III offers an online multiplayer lobby, where you can share your experience with the Heroes® III community.
  • Play Heroes® III on tablets anywhere: Heroes® III is now iOS and Android tablet-compatible, with intuitive touch controls that make this passionate game experience enjoyable anywhere… any time.


It sounds like DICE and EA are not done working on Battlefield 4, as new DLC for the game was briefly announced on Tuesday. More details on the DLC should follow later this month, but rumor has it that the upcoming content addition will be released free of charge and is very likely to be (at least partially) a tribute to classic BF games.


SimCity 2000 is now available free of charge on Origin. Click the link and let nostalgia get to you! (Although if you want the Urban Renewal Kit, you might be better off paying a measly few dollars/pounds/euros for it over on GOG).


Much to some fans’ objections, there will be no account wipe prior to official release for Elite: Dangerous next week. Looks like the folks who backed the project on Kickstarter got real lucky this time. We’re talking JUMP START here!


Racing game fans owning a PS4 should be happy as their Drive Club has just received a very neat-looking upgrade to the game’s weather system. See for yourself in the video below…

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