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Get Spooked with Devil’s Cove

Kickstarter is probably the best thing to happen to the video game industry since the espresso machine. Not only are we seeing some absolutely amazing games being put into creation which never ever would have been created, you get to collect tons of goodies and good karma while doing so!

This time around we’re looking at an amazing project which hopes to touch the heart of old school Adventure Game fans! Do you like mystery? Puzzles? Dark and spooky stories which keep you hooked until the very end?

Well then, Devil’s Cove is for you!

I could write a really long preview about how nifty the graphics look and how intriguing the video is, or even how it’ll be available on pretty much every platform you can think of.

But I wrote a few questions to the developers and they returned some pretty precise and informative answers!

XP4T: Will this be a single campaign game? How long will the story be? (hours gameplay?)

Tim and Alex: Yes, Devil’s Cove will be a single campaign adventure game, but it will have the possibility of alternate endings, depending on the choices the player makes during the game. The game starts in the ill-fated harbor town of Devil’s Cove where the player must track down an evil Plague Doctor. Ultimately the player will end up on the cursed ruins of Skull Island where the Plague Doctor has created his lair and is holding his victims.

Estimating the length of Devil’s Cove is tricky because everyone plays at different speeds. But we can guarantee that Devil’s Cove is an epic adventure filled with dozens of mysterious locations steeped in richly developed characters, mind bending puzzles and challenges that may make your skin crawl.

 XP4T: Tell us about how you envision Click and Point adventure games? What’s the most important part of the gameplay for you?

Tim and Alex: We’ve been salivating to make a game like this, and finally having the means to craft it with the players help is going to be the most enjoyable and important part! Just like a good movie or novel, we want to make the world of Devil’s Cove so engaging that the players don’t want to stop playing. The story needs to grab you from the start, pulling the player all the way to the end, the characters need to make you love them or hate them, and the experience needs to be so immersive that you forget where you are while playing it. We like the kind of games where you get everything set just right to play – turn down the lights, get the volume just right, and shut out the rest of the world. That’s how we like to experience adventure games, so those are the kind of games we are trying to make.

XP4T: How did you get inspiration for the story?

Tim and Alex: The concept of Devil’s Cove actually originated last Halloween. We pondered how nefarious Halloween could actually be. Think about it – as a kid you dress up and your parents send you out to visit the homes of strangers and take gifts from them. The streets are filled with strangers in masks and their identities are hidden. How odd is that when all the other days of the year you are told “never talk to strangers, never accept anything from strangers” but on Halloween night those rules are thrown out the window!

So the concept of a masked villain roaming the streets and terrorizing a town was intriguing, and we set out to find the kind of bad guy that would really scare us. We came up with the concept of the Plague Doctor, which has historical roots reaching back to the middle ages. There is a lot of interesting history we dug up in our research which we are planning to include in some of our project updates.

We think we’ve really hit on a great villain for Devil’s Cove. Over the course of the game the player will uncover more info on the true nature of our villain, and when the identity of our Plague Doctor is revealed, we hope players will grin from ear-to-ear all while recovering from the shock!

 XP4T: What do you expect from players which will help you make a better game?

Tim and Alex: Having the players involved from such an early stage will be invaluable to the entire process. We can’t imagine an aspect of Devil’s Cove that will not be improved by player feedback. We’ll be available in many different ways to our backers including: email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. – as well as directly through Kickstarter as soon as the project goes live.

We’re going to begin immediately asking players what they think about the characters, story, environments, etc and re-examining what we’ve done so far. After that we’ll release the beta and that’s when the players can really sink in their teeth into the game. We’re making this game for the fans of old-school adventure games, and we’ll listen to the smallest details. This way we can add/improve things as soon as the players want it. This is a unique opportunity for everyone – we finally have a chance to make the kind of adventure game we’ve always wanted, and invite the players to join us in every aspect of the process!

XP4T: Will there be different difficulty settings for more intrepid players?

Tim and Alex:  Absolutely! A challenging aspect of adventure gaming is making sure the game can be enjoyed by a wide range of players. We will offer a number of options within the game to allow the players to customize the gameplay experience based upon the type of challenge they want! And don’t worry if you chose the wrong setting at the beginning – you can switch to a different setting at any point in the game. For example, if there is a particularly diabolic puzzle, you can always change your setting just for that one tricky bit, and then set it back afterwards.

XP4T:What kind of artwork style are you aiming for?

Tim and Alex: As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the first few screenshots to get a feel for the mood and timeless look we are going for. Devil’s Cove starts at twilight when the sun is setting, and there is still a warm glow in the harbor. But as the adventure goes on, the setting sun turns darker and more malevolent. Starting at dusk gives us a way to show the transition to a darker world, where the hope and color is draining out of the harbor. We use light and color to go along with the story. The colors are a bit muted to stay with the theme of the game, but the environments are still great to look at. As the game progresses the player will hunt down the Plague Doctor to his cursed lair on Skull Island where the artwork will take a diabolical twist!



Devil’s Cove will be available on: PC, MAC, iOS and Android (all developed simultaneously).

Made in Unity 3D.

Also, don’t miss out that video up there, yup. Click play, go on…

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