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Greenlight Grab: Castaway Stories

Greenlight Grab: Castaway Stories

Who has the time to trawl through the hundreds of games on Steam Greenlight? We do! and we do it so you don’t have to, here are what we think is the best Steam Greenlight has to offer, this time we’d like to introduce you to…..

Castaway Stories

Castaway Stories is a top down/3rd person survival game which can be played either as point & click or using the regular W A S D keys.

This is not a licensed game for the Tom Hanks  movie Castaway (or the shit reality TV show ) but if you ever wanted to act out  scenes from the film in pixelated form and see if you could survive alone in the wild, soon you may be able to, lets just hope that the option of having your own Wilson is added to the game.

You control the fate of a man stranded on a island. Here the player has to fight the elements to survive by finding food and fresh water. Set up shelter to keep him dry during rainstorms, or else the player could catch a nasty cold, which could be fatal out in the wild. Keeping the morale up is also critical you don’t want your character to simply give up and succumb to the harsh environment. The game will provide the player the ability to explore and find secrets in every corner.


-Finding food can be done in many ways. Harvesting fruits or berries, setting up rabbit traps, fishing or hunting animals.
-Finding fresh water can be tricky, but sea water can be distilled into fresh water with the right tools. Or you can build a rain collector.
-Keeping mental health up is hard but essential, eating well cooked food help the morale, and a warm and cozy campfire is a great morale boost. But sleep is as important as all of the above.

Experience a beautiful day and night cycle. Dynamic weather system.

A big part of the game is also to plan how to be rescued, what would you do if you suddenly see or hear a boat in the horizon? You need to get the boats attention, else it would just sail away, and you would be left alone once again.

If the player wants he has the option to chat with other castaways via in-game global chat system (this is optional).

There’s no release date on this yet and by the looks of it it’s in the very early stages of it’s alpha but if you like the idea and want to see more vote for it here


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