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How to Siege

J.J. Costello 2016-01-22 Editorials 1 Comment on How to Siege
How to Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been out now for almost two months now, can you believe it?  I had played the beta, and was pretty impressed, but honestly, I had just gotten Fallout 4, and Star Wars Battlefront so I was pretty much set for games for awhile.

I was lucky enough to score a pretty good deal on Siege during Black Friday, and I figured, why not? I’ll fire this baby up and see what it’s all about. Long story short, I haven’t touched Fallout 4, or Star Wars Battlefront since. Siege has been my bread AND my butter, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

Approaching Siege from a Battlefield or COD perspective is a big mistake, which is something I learned the hard way. My kill death spread during the first week of playing was simply abysmal.  Luckily I quickly started gaming with some folks who really knew their shit, and it really helped me to improve my game. Now, I’m no “pro” by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a pretty good grasp of the core mechanics, and I’m improving every day.

So what’s the secret? Well, I’ve put together a list of helpful tips that have helped me to get better and better.


Communicating with your team is probably the most important thing. Even if you’re a noob, if you have good intel from your teammates, it can will be a real game changer. Sure, you can run solo in Siege, I’ve seen many  players do it, sometimes getting super lucky, and sometimes..well, mostly all the time, they end up dropping the ball, because they aren’t communicating with their team, and they’re losing out on valuable intel.  Communication etiquette varies from group to group sadly, however try to be precise and keep idle chit chat to a bare minimum. For instance, in the preparation phase as attackers, you need to find the objective before the match begins. Coordinating your search parameters is crucial! It would make on sense if everybody went into the basement and the objective was on the top floor. Simply stating “checking basement” and if you don’t find anything saying “Basement is clear” give your teammates all the information they need in order to utilize the valuable remaining time to the fullest.



Knowing the various operators and their skills is essential if you want to have a balanced team. You have 30 seconds before the match begins to pick your operator and discuss basic tactics with your team. Believe me, it’s happened more than I’d like to admit while playing with randoms that we basically screwed ourselves because we didn’t coordinate the choice of operators, and when it came down to bustin’ through a door that was “Castled” we simply couldn’t do it, and we got wasted.



As G.I. Joe says “Knowing is half the battle”.  You need to study these maps over and over again. Each map is essentially one or more connected structures with a multitude of entry points, both standard, and destructible. If you have good map awareness, as an attacker, you’re more likely to know where to send in your drone to ensure that your team finds the objective.  As an attacker or defender it’s super useful to learn the camera placements as well.




Once you’re dead, it’s not time to get a refill or use the can. You are still a very valuable member of the team, even in death! If you’re on the attackers, you can still use the drone cameras from any drones still available, letting your teamates know where the enemies are, and if you can see any potential danger in the form of traps etc. As a defender, you have access to all of the remaining security cameras. Knowing if a room is “safe” to enter is invaluable!  However, it must be said, that spotting is a double edged sword. When you’re playing with a bunch of randoms, and nobody is using the ingame voice chat, calling out enemies etc, then by all means, mark those targets. However, when you’re playing with a group of friends on teamspeak, or with a group of randoms that are verbose, then DON’T spot enemies if you can avoid it. Ideally, you can watch them on the cameras and relay this information to your team, and the enemies aren’t aware that they are being watched, giving you the upperhand.



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