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Interview with a Cheat (Developer)

Interview with a Cheat (Developer)

If you’ve been playing video games for more than a week, you’re sure to have run into a cheater or two. We wanted to get in the head of a cheater/hacker so we reached out to a pretty famous one who happens to run a “game cheating” website which sells these hacks. He chose to remain anonymous, so for the rest of the interview, we’re going to refer to him simply as “L3p3r“.

XP4T: How long have you been hacking and how did you get started with hacking?

L3p3r: I have been making cheats for games since somewhere in the 1990’s. I didn’t know much about computers back then, but my dad was a bit of a genius. He (my dad) initially taught me how you could modify the game memory and make it do whatever I wanted. Keep in mind back in the 90’s nobody cared about having Anti-Cheat or Anti-Tampering-Systems, so making cheats for older games was a walk in the park. Especially if you consider that older games were far less complex than current games. So I’m guessing it was my dad who got me into the whole game hacking scene, and it is pure fun!

Even betas have cheats….


XP4T: Do you have any moral qualms with game hacking? 

L3p3r: No, I believe that in these times we see a lot of pay-2-win games, so paying to gain an advantage is fairly normal in today’s games.

XP4T: Do you always hack, or do you only do it when, say you’re losing a match?

L3p3r: I don’t cheat in any of the games I play, unless I’m testing/implementing new features into a cheat.

XP4T: Are you afraid of being caught?

L3p3r: Being caught is always a possibility but I am not too worried about it. Chinese Merchants will sell you a new key for a fraction of the cost that normal people pay so what is there to be worried about?

In the legal sense I am not worried about it because there are no laws prohibiting game hacking in the country I happen to reside in.

XP4T: Do you sometimes single out individual players or clans, and make their life hell?

L3p3r: No, but I would if I saw people like Anita Sarkeesian online.


XP4T: What games have you used hacks with?

L3p3r: The LIST would be too long.


You can play really dirty, in Dirty Bomb….


XP4T: Have you seen an increase in anti-cheating measures implemented recently? Are developers or publishers increasingly making it more difficult to hack games?

L3p3r: I would argue that Anti-Cheat makers today are far less knowledgeable than their counterparts in the early 2000’s. While Valve Anti-Cheat, Cheating-Death and even PunkBuster were really careful about not banning innocent players, today you find a “anything goes mentality“ in Anti-Cheating. You have companies reading your URL cache to see if you visited a bad site, you have companies sending private info and data on your computer to their servers. All to stop cheating which has yet to work out.

XP4T: From your experience, what game has been the easiest to hack? Which has been the hardest? Why?

L3p3r: Games that are open to modding tend to be the most hackable since changing them is encouraged. The hardest games to hack are games that have a playing model where cheating is not very rewarding.

XP4T: Do you code the hacks yourself, or do you employ coders to do that for you?

L3p3r: I do it myself.

Like shootin’ ducks in a barrel…

XP4T: It feels like hacks are becoming more popular, is that the case? Or is a case of more exposure?

L3p3r: Hacking is not nearly as rampant as it was at Counter-Strike’s prime. I would say that the cheating scene has fractured into sub-cultures. You have hack providers that sell hacks like I do, you have people who release free cheats but most cheat-makers are employed in MMO Farms where they optimize the gold-collection process.


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