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Interview with the devs: Camelot Unchained

Interview with the devs: Camelot Unchained

XP4T: How confident you are that Camelot Unchained can lure away players from other franchises they have spent time and perhaps money on? What is different?

Mark: Well, I’m not trying to lure anybody away from other franchises. We will have a nice dedicated fanbase from the beginning (our backers), and if other folks like the game we are making, they will come and play it. We’re not trying to get 12M subs or even 1M; we are just trying to make a great game. If we do that, players will join in the RvR fun and frolic.CamelotUnchained05

XP4T: The lore and the mythology of the game seem very thorough and well researched. How did you go through the process of research and eventually the development of the gameś mythos and world?

Mark: Thank you! It was simple; I read a lot and then thought about how I could turn this world’s myths and legends on their heads.  And after I thought some more, I went and did even more research. Fortunately, I love research, and comparative mythology and lore is one of my favorite areas of study, so it was fun.

XP4T: Camelot Unchained looks like it’s pointed towards players willing to spent great amounts of time to learn the game mechanics. How appealing do you see this game for the casual player?

Mark: Very appealing, actually. During our BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) Daze, I talked about how we were going to have a totally unique reward/leveling system in the game. This is designed to help reward players who contribute to their respective Realm’s success, but who might not have as much time to play as they did in the past. This, and other things we are doing, such as a horizontal progression system, will ensure that a casual player will still fall behind a hard-core one, but the difference in their abilities, weapons, etc. won’t be as devastating as in most other MMORPGs. This same system will also help new players who come into the game after launch not to feel so far behind that they can’t catch up or even be competitive.CamelotUnchained04

XP4T: You have said that there won’t be micro-transactions, why have you decided not to include them?

Mark: I just don’t think that a sub-based game should also be filled with micro-transactions, even if they are well-intentioned. RMT may work in some FTP or even BTP games, but not in our game.

XP4T: Developing games must be full of frustrations, care to share any that you have had while making this?

Mark: Sure, we need more programmers! That’s been my biggest frustration since our Kickstarter funded. We simply have not been able to get enough great coders in here to join our team. This has definitely slowed us down.


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