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Interview with the devs: Camelot Unchained

Interview with the devs: Camelot Unchained

XP4T:  You have mentioned how different this game is going to be from other mmorpg´s. Is there a chance that the game could become “too much different” for genre players?

Mark: Absolutely. That’s why we have said that this game is a mixture of old school stuff, good (hopefully great) current design ideas and various new things. OTOH, I’d rather take the chance of doing something fun and different now than simply revisit the same things that our corner of the industry has been repeating for a very long time. I think the crafting system is a perfect example of this, and in the coming months, I hope to share the vision document for it the same way we did the Warrior one.CamelotUnchained03

XP4T: If we look into the future. what do you hope 2015 will bring for you and Camelot Unchained? What great things can the player expect, any addition content or DLC planned?

Mark: I hope that 2015 will bring us three more programmers, a great sound engineer and a successful Alpha test. That would be a great year for us. In terms of DLC, we have no plans for paid DLC/expansion packs at the current time. And the chance of having paid DLC at launch is zero, nil, non-existent.

XP4T: In five defining words. Describe Camelot Unchained?

Mark: A.I.R, B.S.C, Soldiers, Crafters and Challenging.CamelotUnchained01

XP4T:  What games are you playing at the moment? Any games your looking forward to in 2015?

Mark: None right now. I’m simply too busy to play anything. As to games coming out in the next year or so, I’m looking at The Repopulation, Black Desert and EQ Landmark.

Camelot Unchained is slated for a June 2016 release. Check out their website to learn more.

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