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Interview with the devs: Decimated

Interview with the devs: Decimated

Decimated is post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival RPG with salvageable cryptocurrency with is currently in development. We sat down with the Stephen Espion, who is the Creative Director of the project and the CEO of Fracture Labs

XP4T: So, hi and thanks for taking the time to talk to us! First of all, could you please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit more about the studio?

ESPION: Thanks for having us! We are a new video game studio based in Malta, Europe, who are creating a post-apocalyptic online survival game with a blockchain based economy. Our team is made up from artists and designers who have worked with Crytek, 2K Games, id Software, Bungie and others. We are an indie development team with aspirations of creating a AAA quality PC title. We want to create a massive open world environment where players can choose to be citizens or cyborg cops, and choose to compete or cooperate with other players, plus buy sell and trade virtual items.

XP4T: Decimated seems to play into a very well known dystopian trope. What inspired this story? Books? Movies? Games?

ESPION: We’ve always been huge fans of classic sci fi action movies such as Robocop, The Running Man, Total Recall and Bladerunner, books such as the Fighting Fantasy series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston, and games such as Flashback, Fallout, Tomb Raider, DayZ. There’s a wealth of sci fi short films on youtube that are a great inspiration for our game, such as RUIN by Wes Ball and Lunar by Tyson Wade Johnston.

XP4T: Who came up with the concept of the game, or was it a collaborative effort?

ESPION: I’ve been working on the IP for many years, drawing inspiration from various sources, working on the story, the gameplay, the characters and environment art. I started working on the backstory for the game world on another project called Dissident, and planned on creating a single player game where the protagonist is being hunted down by the authorities in an abandoned, overgrown city. That was inspired by Flashback by Delphine Software.

I’ve been interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since 2012, and by 2017 I was networking with blockchain programmers who were involved with very successful projects. So I started thinking about how blockchain could be used in a videogame, and how I could bring a team together from the various companies that I’ve been in contact with and worked with over the years. I gathered ideas, concept art, 3D assets, Unreal blueprints, and started writing a whitepaper. As the idea comes to life, we develop more and more content to create an entire universe that the players can experience. Now that there are more people on the team it’s a collaborative effort. I love working with creative people on the backstory, the visuals and the lore.

The world is a post-apocalyptic Earth, hundreds of years in the future, that have been destroyed by climate change and civil unrest. Civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself. The obedient and privileged members of society have long gone, leaving only criminals, dissidents and the poor to scavenge in the destroyed cities of the old world. I really want to create a sci-fi wild west scenario where the law abiding cops are trying to police the wastelands. It takes dozens of people to make this dream a reality.

XP4T: If 3 games were to have a ménage à trois, and the resulting illegitimate love child would be Decimated, which 3 games would those be?

ESPION: It would be a mixture of Altis Life, G-Police and Tomb Raider. Citizens and cops in an open world scenario with hover vehicles flying around, and the ability to climb all over the environment!

XP4T: One of the major USPs of Decimated is the salvageable cryptocurrency and blockchain thingamajiggy…could you elaborate on that a bit? (asking for a friend)

ESPION: We are using blockchain to manage the virtual economy , prevent hacking and manipulation, store player data, ownership of virtual items and peer-to-peer trading of those items. The cryptocurrency tokens based on this blockchain can be used to buy and sell virtual items. We will have a token in-game which will be called DIO. Players will be able to play the game and earn tokens, and spend them on virtual items, or trade their items with other players.

XP4T: Do you already have a publisher? How is Decimated being funded?

ESPION: We don’t have a publisher yet – we have spoken to some companies but we are working on a playable prototype first. We are raising the budget through private investors and an ICO, where players can buy tokens prior to launch. We plan to set up a credit card payment system so players can buy our tokens with fiat currency as well as crypto. We are also going to auction off extremely rare virtual items that players can bid on – the highest bidder will win the item at the deadline, and ownership will be written to the blockchain. Certain vehicles will only exist once, others will be in limited supply, and players will be able to use them in-game or sell them to other players. The great thing about using blockchain is that we can assign digital scarcity, so you don’t have to worry about people copying your item or stealing it by hacking. That doesn’t mean to say it can’t get stolen in-game! If you leave it unlocked, it could get stolen, but if you have a tracking device, you could try to find it again, or, put a reward out for it’s return.

XP4T: Would you recommend playing the game with friends, or can players simply jump in and start playing with randoms?

ESPION: Players will be able to play alone or with friends – you’re always going to meet others in-game, but they could be hostile or friendly. Playing with others is really at the core of the gameplay.

XP4T: You’ve chosen to develop Decimated with  Unreal Engine 4 why?

ESPION: Unreal 4 is the industry standard these days, and has the graphics quality that we want to deliver for this game. Unreal also has a huger international community of developers, which will help when we need to expand the team and get support from other companies during development.

XP4T: Will there be localized versions and to what extend?

ESPION: Yes, we will target English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

XP4T: And last question: When will the game be released and on which platforms?

ESPION: We are only targeting PC. Maybe console will come later but it’s not our priority.

XP4T: What games are you playing now?

ESPION: I’ve been playing the latest Tomb Raider, but I have so little time to play games since we are working on this project!

XP4T: Well, we’re sure looking forward to Decimated and wish you all the best for the further development!

ESPION: Thanks! It’s going to be a challenge, but we are confident that if the ICO goes well that we can bring together our years of experience and the talented blockchain developers to create an amazing game where players can actually earn money by playing!

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