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Interview with the devs: Jotun

Here at XP4T we’re always keen on interviewing game developers, asking them about their inspirations and plans, their relations with their fans and – most importantly – their games. This time we discuss the upcoming Jotun with its creator, Will Dubé.

At its core, Jotun is a well-designed arcade game in which you play Thora, “a Norse warrior who has died an inglorious death and must face the challenges of Viking purgatory to prove herself to the Gods and enter Valhalla“. And what more challenging enemy could you imagine than an enormous jotun (giant) of Norse mythology? Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight users seem to have fallen for the game, too – it quickly reached its Kickstarter goal, and was then ‘Greenlit’ in a matter of days.

Will and his team remain hard at work on the game, and promise it will deliver randomly-generated levels, challenging, relentless combat sequences, and tons of interesting themes from Norse mythology. Read on to find out what Jotun‘s creator thinks about his team’s combined effort.

XP4T: How did you come to leave your previous job to work on Jotun? Did you have the idea for it in your head already, when you said goodbye to your employer?

Will Dubé: When I quit my job in 2014, I had a specific goal in mind: to put a PC indie game on Kickstarter. I didn’t know what the game would be at that point.

XP4T: So how did you come up with Jotun? What are your influences here?

Well, I’ve always loved mythology and centuries-old stories like Beowulf and The Divine Comedy. When researching different game ideas, I fell upon Norse mythology. Diving deeper made me realize just how awesome the myths and stories are, and how relatively unexplored they are in entertainment today.

JotunXP4T: How did you assemble the team for Jotun? We’re especially interested in knowing more about the visual artist and the composer, as they both really stand out!

Thanks for the kind words! The team is a mix of people I’ve worked with before, and long-time friends of mine. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by such amazingly talented people.

XP4T: How has the Kickstarter experience – and being Greenlit on Steam – influenced the direction of the game so far?

It’s made the game possible. Without Kickstarter in particular, there would be no game. We’re eternally grateful to our backers for giving us the chance to make something great.

JotunXP4T: Does Jotun tell a bigger story than just dealing with Norse giants in Viking purgatory?

The story has not yet been revealed, but you can expect to dive into our protagonist Thora’s past.

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