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Interview with the devs: RESIST (Arma 3)

We PC gamers are extremely lucky people. Lucky to be PC gamers, and lucky to have frequent opportunities to produce mods for the games that we love to play. If you’re a true fan of a game, the best thing you can do is transform your affection into new content for other, like-minded individuals to play and enjoy. This requires some skill, determination, good work planning and often luck. But the best modding creations can match or sometimes even surpass those of the original game’s.

This is exactly what I felt like back in June when I played Road’s End for the first time. It turned out to be the first mission in a series of five that make up the RESIST campaign – a community-developed single player campaign for Arma 3. And the result of the thousands of hours spent in the Arma 3 editor working on the mission was astonishing. Scott Ripley, the man behind the RESIST campaign, put in a crazy amount of effort developing what is, essentially, an action-packed, story-driven supplement to the original Arma 3 campaign, by Bohemia Interactive.

I primarily earn my living by working as a video games localization project manager, and I wanted to lend a hand to Scott (nickname Kydoimos), so I offered my translation and PM services to the project. This is how our invovlement together began, and how the missions ended up being localized into Polish, Czech, German, Russian and other languages. And since June, it’s been crazy and utterly satisfying, working with Scott on RESIST and being able to get more localization professionals to jump onto the bandwagon. Seeing such a positive response from everyone I approached, asking for their involvement in the project, has been incredibly rewarding. In offering their own, top quality translation services, I could literally feel how people from around the world had united in a combined effort to make this epic campaign more accessible to Czechs, Italians, Germans, Poles and many others.

But ultimately, it’s all about the person who came up with the idea, rose to the occasion and went from planning execution to actually bringing the campaign to life – Scott Ripley from Cerberus Creative. To give you a better of who that is, and how it all happened, I’d like to present this modest interview with Scott himself. It will give you a better idea of what RESIST is and how the modding community came together on the project, converting Scott’s plans and ideas into a truly unique Arma 3 campaign.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and how did you get into modding Arma 3?

I’m a thirty-two year old bookseller and recent graduate, presently living with my wife on the South Coast of England.

I was introduced to Arma 3 by a friend at a wedding, who rated it very highly. I’d played Arma: Armed Assault as a youngster (though I remember it as Operation Flashpoint) and had many fond memories, creating missions in Bohemia Interactive’s dynamic sandbox editor. Some months later, after viewing the stunning in-game footage which appeared with the alpha release, I purchased Arma 3 and began to re-familiarise myself with the franchise. Obviously, after 7 years, a lot had changed.

How would you characterize what RESIST actually is?

On the face of things, it’s a single-player campaign, crafted not only to compliment Bohemia Interactive’s East Wind campaign but the Armaverse as a whole. But more than that, it is an attempt to expand and augment these concepts – giving something back to a community I know and love. Essentially, it’s the product of the desire to try and rival Bohemia Interactive’s production standards, demonstrating that this can be done and that their vision might be endlessly extended through the impassioned work of others. Besides these points, it’s a project focusing on immersion; an explosive experience we hope gamers will want to come back to.

Why Arma 3, when there’re so many more moddable games on PC ? What made you pick this particular game?

Though I’m tempted to cite ‘chance’ as the principal factor in my relationship with Arma, I can’t dismiss the many outstanding qualities of the series; namely its freedom, beauty, and realism. The ability to construe a strong narrative via a very simple in-game editing system is another reason I’ve ended up where I am. Arma is familiar, accessible, and immensely rewarding.

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