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Interview with the Devs: STRAFE

Interview with the Devs: STRAFE

Right now on Kickstarter there are some pretty bold claims being made, Pixel Titans are saying that their project is “The future of video games: the fastest, bloodiest, deadliest, most adjective-abusing, action-packed first-person shooter of 1996.” That’s quite a bold claim when you consider it’s putting itself firmly inside the invisible crosshair of genre defining Doom.

Hearing this we had to get in contact and ask them could a 3D Doom/ Quake inspired FPS cut it nineteen years later?

So, STRAFE, what’s it all about?

STRAFE is the FPS that ruins lives with its breathtaking realism.  The type of game your friend down the street lied to you about when he said it existed.  It’s all the retro fun you remember having playing FPS on the pc but theres no nostalgia goggles needed to enjoy.

A 3D FPS which harks back to the id classics Doom, Quake and Wolfenstien 3D — this is serious business! How much of it is a nostalgia trip? How do you balance that with the need for various modern elements that players might now feel are totally necessary?

These were the games we grew up playing.  The ones that put the twinkle of game development in our eyes.  Thats about the limit to the pure nostalgia though, our final gameplay decisions always come down to what we thinks is fun.  Our sensibilities seem to align nicely with the classics and have found that many gamers feel the same.

Your Kickstarter page and game trailer are packed full of humour. How important an element is the humour? How will it fit in with the gameplay?

In game, STRAFE® plays it STRAF…. straight. Sorry.  Tonally we are more like DOOM than Duke3d.  There is some humor but you aren’t going to be hit over the head with one liners or beanie babies.  The world is full of secrets and we let the humor come out a bit more there.

Are you worried that you’re 10 years too late? What do you hope that players will get out of it?

We aren’t worried about being too late at all.  Art styles and gameplay have proven they can exist far past their initial hay day.  If the game is fun we aren’t too late.  We hope to give players a fun single player experience that they can’t get tired of.

Why Kickstarter? What will happen if you don’t reach your goal?

Kickstarter is a platform for people with good ideas/skills and passion to help fund a project that is in desperate need.  The STRAFE® team has been working for around 10 months outside of our jobs and would love to be able to fund a year of full time development.  Our major preference would be to stay independent and only have to answer to our fans instead of investors with their own ideas of what STRAFE® should be.  If we don’t reach our goal we will continue work on STRAFE® but it will surely take significantly longer to develop.

What kind of engine are you using, and why? Is it a proprietary one, or have you licensed something?

We are building in Unity. The Multiplatform aspect is a great draw as well as the indie friendly price structure.  Tons of artists have experience with it and has made pulling in talent a bit easier.

There are currently five enemies in the game (at the time of writing). Do you think that will be enough variation, or will there be more on release?

It’s important to note we are only showing off some the enemies that are present in the first “zone”.  There are 7 planned for Icaurs and we just revealed the “ACID RETCH” over at the Devblog. Many more enemies and fun to come!

Talking about release, will you be going all the way to finished, have you considered any kind of early access period for it?

We plan on releasing STRAFE® when it’s done and really don’t want to deliver an incomplete experience through early access.  We think that process shortchanges our fans. We are planning on releasing a shareware version of the first zone when its feature complete though!

Boss fights! Will there be boss fights, or some kind of end-game experience?

No bosses, we don’t really love bosses in FPS shooters. They are often bullet sponges that aren’t fun to play.

Will STRAFE be single player only, or are you going right back to the old school with Hot Seat co-op, or LAN play? (Or even online MP for the youngsters)?

We are focused primarily on delivering a full featured single player experience.  Development time and costs aside we would love the opportunity to incorporate a LAN co-op mode.

Mod support — Yay or Nay? Will we be able to fiddle with your WADs and so on?

We haven’t turned any focus to mod support yet, if we are able we definitely would like to give the community the tools needed to have even more fun with STRAFE® but being a small team with no funding that is currently out of our scope of dev.

Time for controversy! Which one did it better — Doom, Quake, Wolf 3D or STRAFE?

For setting and attitude, it’s hands down DOOM for me. For gameplay it’s Quake. Check out the Kickstarter and consider backing us if you like what we’re doing! Help us make STRAFE® the best game of 1996.

Thank you very much, Thom.

You heard the man! Now hop to it!
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