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Mafia Series NPCs Not In Latest Installment

Mafia Series NPCs Not In Latest Installment


NEW BORDEAUX, LOUISIANA –  It’s been a rough couple of years of Miss Molly Scaret. Back in 2000, she started working on the original Mafia production and which took place in Lost Heaven. She had a number or roles, ranging from hot dog vendor, random pedestrian 1 as well as secretary.  “We were a family. Working on the original (production) was an amazing experience. We were all so young, and full of hope.” Miss Scarlet said.


Miss Molly Scaret strutting her stuff.

Fast forward to 2008. Production for the sequel began, and as luck would have it a majority of the original cast was used yet again for Mafia II. This was largely in part to Mr. Jebediah Smith, the Union representative at the time, who insisted that a lot of the NPCs from the original production be used.

“Why fix it if it ain’t broken? We had a good thing going, and people were excited to be apart of the continuation of the series, and I was able to lock in a good union rate with some juicy benefits.” Stated Mr. Smith.

However in 2013, Mr. Smith was involved in a sex scandal in which through a long winded legal battle he ended up losing his position as union representative. This certain change of events did not end up boding well for the plethora of NPCs that were patiently awaiting how the union deals would pan out for Mafia III. As it turns out, not one of the original NPCs from either Mafia I or from Mafia II were involved in the latest production.

“It’s a shame, and a scam. These scabs come on set, who don’t know shit from shinola…”


       Are these scabs up to the task?


Miss Scarlet had this to say, “It’s a shame, and a scam. These scabs come on set, who don’t know shit from shinola, and we’re expected to just sit back and take it. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re pathetic.”

The community at large is in agreement. The majority of NPCs in Mafia III were those which were used in Martian Gothic: Unification.  Gil Sorwak, one of the most recent additions to the cast of NPCs for Mafia III had this to say, “We do what we do. You want more? You pay more.”

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