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Most Anticipated Games of 2016


Rise of the Tomb Raider


Well, Tomb Raider is an all-time classic so no one really wonders why there’s another one. After the 2013 release went for a more open world approach on one island with lots of backtracking, fighting and the tombs and puzzles being more optional the newest release will take Lara to various sceneries like Syria and Siberia again. Apparently the game will keep some of its mechanics from the reboot and so we can still improve our weapons and equipment – so there will be extensive fighting again. Trailers and footage also show bigger and more complex tombs again so hopefully this will once again become the key aspect of the series. Tomb Raider always has stunningly impressive landscapes and graphics so I don’t think I need to point them out here, do I?

While already available for Xbox One, Rise of the Tomb Raider releases for PC in spring 2016 and for PS4 in November 2016.




In 2014, Moon Studios released their 2D plattformer  Ori and the Blind Forest which was widely loved (and awarded) for its beautiful art and sound and its deeply emotional story. Not much later EA has jumped the bandwagon and announced on the E3 2015 their very own plattformer title with all kinds of cuteness: Unravel. Well, who could resist their heartfelt presentation by creative director Martin Sahlin who told the audience about this toy he made out of yarn and so this game came to be? And this is what Unravel is all about: A creature of yarn (fittingly named Yarny) unraveling while it moves through physics-based puzzles in a northern Scandinavian landscape to reunite a families lost loved ones. Let’s just hope that this game lives up to the expectations – it has some heavy competition to beat when it comes to emotionality and beauty after all. Unravel releases on February 9th and can be preordered through Origin.



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After 3 years of development, Ubisoft finally presents next Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game during E3 2015. As always player have choice to play alone with AI teammates or jump into four-player co-operative multiplayer with friends. So what’s the new thing? The World, as the Wildlands is going to be the massive open world game set in Bolivia. And that’s not all. Ubisoft gives player the choice which of the mission should be next and how you want to play it. Are you going loud, storming the enemy location with machine gun mounted on pickup? Or maybe finishing them all silently one by one with sniper rifle on your back. It all up to you. The only question for now is, how it will affect the storyline. Or is there any storyline, aside from killing bad guys. Anyway, game looks amazing and we can’t wait to put our hands on it!

Wrap Up….

So what do you think? What did we miss? Any surprises?  there’s a comment box below for a reason, let us know.

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