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Preview: Dead State

J.J. Costello 2014-12-03 News, Reviews 1 Comment on Preview: Dead State

The highly anticipated zombie TBS/RPG hybrid Dead State from DoubleBear Productions is slated for released tomorrow, Thursday December 4th 2014.  This gamer is definitely stoked about this release, and I’ve already enjoyed many hours with the demo and the beta. Ok, so you figure, “What? Another zombie game?” Yeah, well I thought that too, but Dead State really sucks you in. Pretty soon you’re more worried about a mutiny and the psychological state of your group of survivors than you are about the zombies. The structure and balance of the game (from what I’ve played in the beta) are spot on. The combination of exploring and searching for supplies, micromanaging your limited resources and working on base improvements will keep you busy and engaged.

Dead State Map Overview

Mmm, Bison! And you thought Texas was boring.

I was a bit of a latecomer to the game, and started playing the demo in May. The demo allowed you to play the first seven days before it stopped, but after a few restarts, I was already hooked. I couldn’t believe that I would have to wait until the final release to sink my teeth into this game, and find out what would happen to my little band of survivors. But low and behold, in June 2014 they released the beta, which changed everything and removed the 7 day shut-off.  I was able to expand my searches, and recruit more survivors.

Dead State Job Board

The handy dandy job board. Make sure to delegate tasks before venturing out.

The amazing thing about Dead State is the survivors. Yes, it’s a zombie game, but once you get the hang of the zombies, you can quickly learn to avoid them. As all good zombie fiction has taught us, the major menace are the other groups of survivors, some of which are armed and dangerous. Now, I haven’t been able to convince one of these marauding groups to join my cause yet, but I won’t let that stop me!

However, even when you’ve managed to recruit a few stragglers, you always have to keep a watchful eye on their psychological state and their happiness. When the Deputy of the town of Splendid came to my base, informing me that the Sheriff ‘didn’t make it’ and that he was now the new Sheriff and was going to take over, I had to put my foot down. Major drama ensued. So yeah, you have to deal with the zombies, bandits, group dynamics, internal power struggles, all while trying to maintain the bare essentials to keep you fed and safe.

Stay tuned for a full review and hopefully an interview with the devs too.


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  • Visuals – 80

  • Sound – 90

  • Playability – 95


To sum it up, Dead State delivers on multiple levels, and keeps you motivated and fearful at the same time. Will the zombies storm the fence? Do I have enough food? Is Bobby gonna go ballistic and kill everyone in their sleep. Good times….good times.’

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