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Quick Fun: Orcs Must Die!

Today I would like all of you guys to meet our new category “Quick fun”. This category is the “girl you pick up in a nightclub” of gaming: Only if you are really lucky it’ll look ok in daylight but it’s definitely perfect for a night of fun or two. Sometimes it’ll stick around for quite some time but mostly it will be forgotten after a few rounds. In other words: If you come home from a day of tiring work and just want to have some quick no-strings-attached fun with your PC look here for some ideas. (and I know this sentence makes you think of YouPorn, pervert!).

Without further ado here is the first entry: Orcs Must Die!

The official website says: “Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies.” and that’s pretty much what you do.

Apparently you are an apprentice War Mage and after your master dies (tragically) it’s up to you to defend the “rifts” from countless numbers of invading Orcs and other fantasy creatures. It’s the typical tower defense formula but what sets the game apart is the fact that you are controlling your War Mage from a third person perspective. Especially in the early minutes of the stage you’ll kill the majority of Orcs with your trusty crossbow or swordstaff thingy as cash is pretty limited and building a tunnel of death with spike/axe/tar/swinging mace traps will take some time and money. Overall you feel a lot closer to the action than in your typical tower defense game.

For every completed level you are granted new traps or abilities and are able to improve existing ones. Over to course of the game you’ll get a nice arsenal of traps, spells and upgrades but there is a limit to the number of goodies for each level so choose wisely.

I really had fun with the game and stayed up WAY to long last night just because of it (ok, just one more…). I like the comic-y violence and satirical vibe of the game but they probably are a matter of personal taste. However: For me killing Orcs was and is a hell of a lot of fun. They MUST DIE after all.

Orcs Must Die! is available for a reduced price of 6,99€ for the GOTY-edition with some extra stuff during the Steam Summer Sale and there is a free demo so I don’t really see a reason to not check it out. You may want to hurry though as the offer ends at July 23rd. The successor is scheduled for a release on the 30th of July and will introduce coop-play which I’m really looking forward to.



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