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Ravaged: The low-down

J.J. Costello 2012-07-19 Varia 1 Comment on Ravaged: The low-down

A fast paced vehicular FPS set in a world ravaged (get it?) by a polar shift pitting scavangers vs the resistance in a battle for humanity.

The developers of Ravaged, 2Dawn are made up of industry veterans (including Desert Combat, Battlefield, and Homefront developers) along with some fresh talent.  The game was successfully funed on Kickstarter, having gathered over twice the amount that they set out to get (check out their Kickstarter here!)    The game is based on Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, and Epic’s developers have been playing the beta and posting about their support of Ravaged on their facebook page.
They were recently invited by OnLive to demonstrate the Ravaged multiplayer at two kiosks in their E3 booth (see photo) and  the dev team is optimistic, and will be  announcing some new partnerships as a result shortly.  You can check out OnLive’s E3 press release announcing Ravaged here.

Here are some of the game’s features:

  • Play as one of two competing groups: the Resistance, a group of freedom fighters trying to rebuild society, or the Scavengers, a band of roving marauders hell-bent on claiming everything for themselves.
  • Both sides offer 5 unique classes, each with its own specific weapon load out.
  • Choose any of the air and ground vehicles to transport your troops, wreaking havoc on all that lay before them while stealing their resources.
  • Skill-based flying and driving styles that rewards players that master them, becoming deadliest weapons on the battlefield.
  • Free dedicated server tools to build (for clans)
  • Anti Cheat and Global Bans
  • Leaderboard, Stats
  • RCON tools for remote server control
  • Up to 64 player battles

XP4T is planning on taking Ravaged out for a spin, so stay tuned!  Do you want to check it out too? Well, you’re in luck!  XP4T got it’s hand on a butt load of beta keys- so write your email down below in the comment section to , or PM me to get your beta key, but hurry..they’re going fast!

Ravaged is slated for a late summer 2012 release, so stay tuned.

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