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RetroN 5: Relive Your Golden Years of Gaming

RetroN 5: Relive Your Golden Years of Gaming

The Retron 5 is a “clone console” that can play NES/Famicom, Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Super Nintendo/Super Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games via 720p HDMI and using their original controllers. Yeah, this is actually a real thing.

Now that we are all grown up and can afford these fancy toys, shouldn’t our retro systems grow up too? With the RetroN 5, you will now be able to play all of your favorite games from nine different systems on one convenient console in full HD glory. Relive your childhood, or introduce a new generation of gamers to the timeless classics that inspired the entire gaming industry with the RetroN 5.

Clean up your entertainment center by retiring your current collection of classic gaming machines for the Retron 5 Console.   It offers two controller ports for each system, although we’re not 100% sure you’ll need them given that it ships with a universal Bluetooth controller, and also outputs upscaled video and improved audio at 720p over HDMI.

And here I was collecting old consoles this whole time, and I almost burnt down my house fiddling with the old cables…if I had only know….

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