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Rising Storm 2 is Coming….

Rising Storm 2 is Coming….

One of the most exciting announcements from E3 last year was Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, which arrives as  the successor to the 2013 “PC GAMER – Game Of The Year – Multiplayer” award winner Rising Storm from Tripwire Entertainment.  Regarded as one of the most brutal and realistic FPS shooters, the franchise, which started with Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 in 2005, has earned great respect with Red Orchestra 2 and Rising StormDeveloped by Antimatter Games, the Vietnam-based sequel will be released some time in 2016.

Revolving around the asymmetric combat between U.S. Forces and the NVA and Vietcong, the franchise takes it first step towards modern times. What makes this leap forward interesting is the fact that there will be more focus on automatic weapons, which were seen more regularly on the fields of combat during that era. There will also be air support, along with artillery. The developers have been talking about enhancing and developing the core shooting mechanics to ensure the transition to automatic weapons in the game goes smoothly and remains balanced in the gameplay itself.


The other big thing the developers have been talking up is the new squad system, which should be less complicated and put more emphasis on team play with friends. The game itself has been built on a buffed-up Unreal Engine 3, which was also employed by its predecessors, RO2 and RS. So what can we expect from this title? Well, the same intense and brutal gaming experience, but with improved squad mechanics and enhanced gunplay. Knowing this, Rising Storm 2 has joined the surprisingly long list of highly-anticipated releases for 2016.

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